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This is a article that will tell you about the myths that Hollywood and other studios associated with magic.

Okay you have seen many magical movies, some in which the witches can transform into animals or other things, these are not real, these are made up by the studios. Magic can not change your DNA in that statement that means you can not change from being a human into a bird, alligator, werewolf, mermaid, and most certainly not anything that hasn't even been seen or heard of in this universe. You see we have these invisible boundaries that prevent us from doing certain things. People who try to use magic to change into mythical creatures like vampires and werewolfes should not use magic, because you can be a danger to yourself and others.

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Dec 13, 2019
Simple and to the point. I disagree with the last line though. Trying to cast fluffy/fake spells is just wasting your energy. It can be beneficial to discover for yourself what is possible with Magic. Claiming someone who ever believed or attempted a fake spell should therefore not be aloud to use Magic is rather gate-keeping, and anyone has the potential to change with time. Be wise and do not put yourself in harm, obviously, if a spell asks you to injure yourself or others, stay away. However, if the spell claims a chant will transform you, the only harm is a wounded ego.

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