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The colors of candles and basics are in this article. By: MaxFire7

Candle magick is the most basic kind of magick. I recommend that beginners start out using candle magick since it's easy. First, before you perform a ritual you need to learn how to visualize and meditate correctly.

Color Guide


White-Peace, Serenity, Purity, Innocence, and Spirituality.

Silver-Asteral energy, Intuition, and Inspiration.

Yellow- Creativity, Intelligence, Intellectualism, Imagination, Memory, Confidence, and yellow is also a symbol of the Air Element.

Orange-Attraction, Stimulation, Ambition, Career matters, The Law, Control, Personal Strenth, Authority, Power and is good for healing coughs, colds, helping asthma, arthritis, and exhaustion.

Gold-Understanding, Attracts the powers of cosmic influences, Intution, Persuasion, Charm, and Confidence. This color also honors solar deities. This color is used in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or financial benefits.

Pink/Rose-Love, Nurturing, Affection, Relationships, and Romance. This color is used in rituals intended to draw affection and treats anxiety and depression.

Red-Blood, Birth, Death, Love, Passion, Courage, Heath, Physical Energy and Strength. This is normally used in defensive magick and treats neuralgias and exhaustion. This is also the symbol of the gods and the element of Fire.

Purple/Violet-Mysticism, Inspiration, Material Wealth, Higher Phychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Wisdom, Idealism,Purification, Success, Peace and Power. This burning of this color candle can also treat allergies, sleep disorders and stress.

Magenta-Quick changes, exorcism and spritual healing. This also works very fast.

Green-Good luck and harmony.

Blue-Inspiration, Wisdom, Protection, Devotion.

For Example:

Red: If someone is sick and you want to try to heal them.

Yellow: Use to pass an exam or test.

Blue: Use to gain knowledge.



There may be other forms you like to use but in my opinion this way is the easiest.

1. Write the objective of the ritual on a piece of colored paper, but make sure the paper is the same color as the candle. Write it in a magickal alphabet. Theban, Enochian, Malachian, ETC.

2. Visualize your love partner or the circumstances under which you want to happen. (For example, visualize the circumstance or how you might get a certain job.)

3. Fold the paper slowly and put it in the flame of the candle. Concentrate once more on what you want.

4. Let the candle completely burn away, or bury it, or to save money, keep it and ONLY use it for the same spell.

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