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This article details the differences between raising energy and raising energy and the benefits to both.

For most of us, our paths dictate spell work that includes raising energy. This is generally done in the confines of a circle or sacred space and is achieved through a variety of methods. We are taught that to make magick work, we need to generate as much of the Power as we can, and direct it toward our goal.

What few practitioners take into consideration is the large amount of power lying untapped around us. Our homes, work places and even our bodies are filled with energy. This article will discuss the differences between raising energy and changing energy and how each can be utilized in spell craft.

As stated, many of us are familiar with the raising of energy. Through visualization and other means, we pull energy from the Earth of other sources in order to empower our workings. We then drive the energy with our will and intent while keeping our desires in mind. This process of spell work guides the energy to bringing about the needed changes in our lives or in the lives of others.

What fewer of us are familiar with, however, is changing the energy that is already present in a person or place. Changing the energy can be helpful for several reasons:

? Cleansing out a place or an object

? Healing by allowing the energies already present in the body to work and flow properly

? Minimizing the need for a circle or other sacred space allowing for more ?public? workings


Routinely scrubbing up the energy in your home or other space you frequent is a necessary part of remaining balanced and whole. After all, no one likes to live or visit a messy room be it a mundane mess or an energetic one. While you could definitely put together a spell in which you raised energy and used it to ?push out the old?, it is much simpler to clean the energy that is present.

This can be achieved through a number of means. Smudging is one of the most traditional methods and is quite effective. It?s cost is low, and can leave the room with a pleasant scent on top of the now clean energy. Simply bind together or burn sage or any other herb you feel would clean the room. Burn the herb and make sure to ?waft? it into the corners and any nooks and crannies in the house. Visualize the stagnant energy becoming fresh and welcoming. See the room or space becoming comfortable and clean. Once finished, I always like to open a few windows to let out some of the smoke and to symbolize a fresh, clean start.

This type of cleansing can also be performed with bells, singing bowls or chimes. Again, simply walk around the room and ring the musical instrument while visualize the vibration ?cleaning? the room.

Finally, one can use simple visualization and energy work to do the same thing. One method I use frequently is to simply sense the power that is already in the room. I then gather it, and visualize it becoming cleaner and fresher. Know that you are purifying it, making it safe and comfortable to yourself and anyone else you would welcome into the space.


There are a number of methods to healing, many of which require the healer to raise energy. While I use these methods, I will generally start by simply correcting the energies already in the person.

I like to start by having the person lie down, and then working both of us through some basic relaxation techniques. Once I feel that both myself and the other person are sufficiently relaxed, I hold my hands a few inches above their body. I?ll then ?listen? for places that are blocked, or where the energy is not quite right.

The simplest treatment is visualization and energy work. I see the blockages disappearing and the stagnant energy flowing again. If the energy is polluted, I clean it the same way I clean a room. I?ll generally follow this treatment up with both an herbal treatment to help with the physical symptoms and some basic training to help the person to keep their energy balanced.

Public workings:

Personally, I?ve never believed magick had to be performed in the confines of a circle. Magick can happen at any time and any place. Does the circle and its symbolism help the caster to focus? Yes, it definitely does. Does it act as a place of clean, sacred space? Well, of course. Is it absolutely needed for magick? Not to me.

I believe magick is as natural as breathing, and does not have to be fettered by ceremony or ritual. Both help, but are not necessary. Furthermore, it is not always possible to cast a circle and take the time needed to raise energy.

Instead, I like to simply change the energy around me to achieve results. I often do this at work. My career path is sales related and open to the public. Thus, I cannot go through the process without appearing out of place. Instead, I simply gather the energy in the room and change it to fit my will and intent. I focus the power to create an environment better suited for my desire.

Again, this can be done through simple visualization, or any number of other methods.

In essence, it is not always mandatory for energy to be raised in magick. Sometimes, it is far simpler to just change the ambient energy around you. The choice of when to raise and when to change is dependent totally on the circumstance and should be made by the practitioner.

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