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Simple, basic exercises that will help with energy manipulation.

These basic energy practices are some of the energy exercises that I use to train my students in how to use energy in magic. A few things about energy: First, energy follows thought. There is a saying: 'Where awareness goes, energy flows.' Where you place your attention, you energy will be directed there. This is why it is so important to have proper focus and be free of distractions during magical workings. Secondly, energy does not move well through tense muscles or stressed bodies. This is why relaxation is essential and is taught first. Third, energy follows breath. Breathe in as you draw energy into you, and exhale as you send energy out.


Exercise #1: Sensing Energy 1. Take a minute, breathe deeply and relax. Make sure you are somewhere that you will not be disturbed or distracted. 2. Rub your hands briskly together. Rub the palms, the backs and the fingers individually. 3. Place your hands in front of your stomach, palms facing each other, about 10 inches apart. Keep your fingers spread apart slightly, but without tension. 4. Take a deep breath in, and as you do naturally let your hands move outwards. 5. As you exhale, bring your hands closer together. As they get closer you will feel a resistance, like there is a pressure building between your hands. Don't try to force them together. Just go until they naturally want to stop moving together. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5. Practice this for at least 3 minutes. 7. Once finished, shake your hands out. Give them a good rub again as in step 2.


Exercise #2: Breathing Energy 1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, feet pointed forward, weight evenly balanced and knees slightly bent. 2. Visualize the energy above you. See it as a brilliant, white light. 3. Raise your hands up like you are reaching up for that light and, as you inhale, visualize that light coming down into you until it reached the center of the chest. 4. Turn your hands palms out to the sides and, as you exhale, bush the hands out to the sides. As you do, visualize the energy moving out from you to surround you in all directions. 5. As you inhale, bring the hands back into the center of the chest, palms facing each other. 6. As you exhale, push the hands down towards the ground. Visualize the energy traveling down the body, down the legs and down into the earth. 7. While holding the exhalation, circle the hands up above you to reach out for the light again. 8. Repeat steps 3 through 7. This exercise will get you use to breathing and moving energy with breath. This is of vital importance in doing any form of magic.


Exercise 3: Circulating Energy This exercise will work on moving energy for your body. Most specifically, it will work on projecting energy down your arms so they can be directed in magical ritual. This exercise will help increase your energy and your control. Remember that energy follows your intention and your breath so make sure that your mind is focused on what you're doing and that your breathing deeply and relaxing. 1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet pointed forward, and knees slightly bent. 2. Take a moment and visualize the energy moving through you as in the second exercise. 3. Hold your hands and arms at shoulder level out in front of you. Round your arms like you are holding a large beach ball so that your fingertips are about an inch apart, palms facing you. Make sure that your arms are relaxed with just enough tension in them to keep them up. Drop your shoulders and elbows slightly. 4. Visualize the energy coming in to you as you drawing your breath and as you exhale visualize the energy moving down your right arm. Once this reaches your hand and the fingertips it then travels back up through the left arm as you inhale, drawing in more energy as well. 5. Continue this exercise circulating energy down your right arm and up your last for several minutes. Then, reverse the flow of energy so that it slows down the left arm and into the right. Continue this for several minutes. 6. When you have finished this allow the energy flow out if you naturally into the Earth.

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