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A new look at a familiar, basic ritual.

This exercise is particularly effective at re-establishing contact with the inner Tree of Life and bringing with it the realization that there is a higher, purer side to the self. It is also used as the beginning and ending of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. In tracing elements of the Tree, you are creating a correspondence between yourself and Adam Kadmon, the Primordial, Androgynous Man. Adam Kadmon is representative of the Macrocosm, or the whole of creation. It also strengthens the aura it provides protection form any unwanted energies that intrude into your inner space. It heals the self and the planet while balancing the mind and body. It will clear the area and should therefore be practiced prior to any Qabalistic or ritual work.

Allow enough time and space to do the exercise. You will need a few minutes and you will need to stretch your arms as far to the side as possible.

1. Stand upright and relaxed, with your arms hanging loosely by your sides.

2. Practice the Four-Fold Breath. Breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale for a count of four, and hold the exhalation for the count of four. Repeat for a few minutes to relax. Allow your mind to empty.

3. Visualize a beam of white light coming down, toward the top of your head. See it form a sphere of light about six inches across above your head, just touching the crown of your head. Using your wand or your finger, touch your forehead and vibrate 'Ateh' (pronounced 'Ah-Tey', meaning 'For Thine'). Ateh corresponds to Kether, the Crown, which is the topmost point in the Tree of Life and represents the first point of light, inseparable from the Divine.

4. Visualize the line of white light coming down through the center of your head, through your body, your legs and down to your feet. See it form another sphere below your feet about six inches across. Point your wand or your fingers at your feet and vibrate 'Malkuth' (pronounced 'Maal-kuut', meaning 'is the Kingdom'). Malkuth is the name of the sphere on the bottom of the Tree, and represents the material world.

5. Visualize another sphere of white light about six inches across form on your right shoulder. Point your fingers or your wand at your right shoulder and vibrate 'Ve-Geburah' (pronounced 'Veh-Geboorah', meaning 'and the Power'). Geburah is the middle sphere on the Pillar of Severity, which is the feminine side of the Tree.

6. Visualize a beam of white light going from your right shoulder to your left. Visualize another sphere of white light about six inches across on your left shoulder. Point your wand or your finger at the left shoulder and vibrate 'Ve-Gedulah' (pronounced 'Veh-Gedoolah', meaning 'and the Glory'). Gedulah is another name for the sphere of Chessed, or 'Mercy'. This sphere is at the center of the Pillar of Mercy, which is the masculine side of the Tree of Life. This establishes the basic form of the Tree within the aura.

7. Clasp your hands together in a praying fashion over your heart, and feel the energies within you equalizing. Vibrate 'Le Olam, Amen.' (pronounced 'Ley-Ohlaahm, Ah-men', meaning 'Forever. Amen'). This is done over the sphere located at the heart center, called Tiphareth (meaning 'Beauty'). This is not only the center of the Tree, both on the Middle Pillar and balancing the masculine and feminine energies, but it is also the seat of the Christ Consciousness, and eludes to the true meaning of the quote 'No man comes to the Father but through me'. After establishing a point of origin and termination vertically, as well as expressing the dynamic dyad horizontally, this last part recognizes the entire process as always occurring; Shiva is always with Shakti, Nuit is always with Hadit, etc.

This exercise is acceptable as a basic meditation and daily ritual practice, as well as a preliminary opening and closing for anyone doing Qabalistic magic.

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