Why a spell wouldn't work.(for the beginners)

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Sometimes, when you do a spell, it'll work; however, sometimes the spell doesn't work. When a spell doesn't work or have the full effects you expected it to have, you'd often wonder why, well this article will explain.

About 5 years ago, I did this spell on a boy I loved with all my heart. It didn't work and I was wondering why it didn't. I was upset, and had lost hope. 3 years after that, I learned that he had become a jerk who uses every girl he goes out with, and everything a girl could hate out of a guy. Obviously, he wasn't good for me so I learned that my spell didn't work because the gods and the goddesses saw who he was going to be, and knew this guy wasn't going to be good for me.

Other reasons why a spell wouldn't work is because sometimes people have so much on their mind they can't focus and end up doing something wrong while doing the spell. This is why they say to either meditate or clear your mind before even casting your circle when your doing your spell so that way it could work better. Focus is very important in doing any type of spell, remember to always focus on whatever spell you're doing and that your mind is clear of anything that has nothing to do with the spell whether it's a good thought, or bad thought.

Want is very important as well in doing spells. Sometimes, we may think we really want something to happen while doing the spell, when really we don't. If your spell works, that means that you really wanted what you were doing the spell for, like for example, you want this boy/girl to go out with you so you do a spell to for him/her to ask you out or something. But later, it doesn't work. This could mean that you really didn't like this person enough to want to go out with them. Make sure what your doing your spell for is really what you want.

One of the very important things in magical work is belief. Always have faith in yourself and the gods and goddesses. Spells are basically our version of prayers, except we use objects like candles, stones and other things. If you don't believe it's going to work, then you might as well not do it because it won't work. However, if you believe it'll work, like really believe it'll work then you'll see some results. Basically, whether a spell works or not is all on you.

Sometimes, you may really may really want something and believe the spell will work, but it won't because that thing you wanted or person wasn't going to do you any good in life. Or you can really want, believe and what your spell is for is good for you, but your mind can be all over place, etc. So if you do a spell, and it doesn't work, don't think that magic isn't real because I've done spells that worked to the fullest.

Another thing I will mention is that you have to have god energy around you and in you. So make sure you cleanse your yourself and the area with sage. Always remember that the spell won't work for the reasons that: What you want may not be good for you, your mind wasn't clear, you didn't really want it, you didn't believe it'd work or the energy in you and around you was bad. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Have a wonderful day!

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