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What I know about magick.

Magick is the great placebo; it is the power of nature effecting nature, it is that power which can make a sugar pill (placebo) cure all illnesses or cause them. The forces of creation are all ways at play, curing us, harming us, inducing sleep, fear, happiness, etc., and utilizing these forces is the goal of magick. They can make us have adrenaline, increased strength, visions, or halt an enemy in his path.

Start speaking of fleas and scratching and everyone around you who sympathize with you will start itching. This is the placebo effect of magick, their own power works against them. Words have power, as does thoughts, will, and emotion, that started the itching spell. Like produces like in nature. Two twins are connected by this sympathetic magick where the forces of creation make them act alike, dream alike, think alike, even feel each others pain, because in nature like produces like. Two things conjoined this way exert a magickal influence on each other, hair, nails, clothing, etc., even when separated. Our bodies are made of nature as is everything, and nature acts upon nature influencing it with our senses, will, thoughts, words, actions, intent, emotion, etc. If I wanted others to be sleepy or if I was tired and started yawning, it becomes contagious magick and others around me will start yawning and feeling sleepy the more I focus, will this, speaking it, etc. The stronger the magickal effect, they fall under my spell, like produces like.

Nature and its forces are ancient and powerful. We are all manifested out of this power,and like effects like, nature effects nature, and is always effecting everything and everyone. Spells of magick can be as simple as taking a sick mans spit on a victims item to make him sick, or a healthy mans spit to cure the sickness, a healing sore can cure a healing sore. This is magick, a placebo, and how a lot of today's medicine works like produces like, if someone showed fear at the sign of a crow putting its feathers under his pillow, it would cause nightmares of it. A good luck or cursed item works this way. If a medicine cured a illness then surely it wards off the infliction just by carrying it and is good luck charm. If it caused it, then that is what it produces a horrible affliction, like for like.

Try and be amazed. Blessed Be )O(

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