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A description explaining how hell was formed.

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To begin, the 72 Demons in the Goetia aren't at all full beings, this term may sound strange, but let me explain, the demons listed in the Goetia and abilities attributed to each is only a tiny fragment of each being's greater whole. For example, Paimon is only one name and one specific title of the specific being, in his darker form he is known as the Baphomet. In his lighter aspect he is known as Pan, and in his lightest aspect, he is known as Cerrunnos. It is all one and the same being, yet the Goetia only touches upon one aspect of him and only does to a small degree.

Each Demonic being within hell, as well as Angels and Gods all, have numerous names and titles attributed to them, each title or name holds significance, almost like a marker point within their existence where they accomplished something great.

Paimon in fact within hell alone has about 60 different names, each contained within a sigil or seal. Only when you have touched on all 60 titles can you say that you know the full being. Also, the younger the being is, the fewer titles and names they will have.

Samuel is the actual born name of the devil, although as mentioned above, he has numerous names and titles. When he was first born, his task was that of the god of music, later he becomes the archangel attributed to being the word of god.

In the beginning, there were the main archangels; Metatron- the voice of God, Serendipity- the eyes, Uriel- the hands, Azaphael- the flaming sword of god and Samuel- the ears meaning that he was being responsible for bringing praise and dedication to his father and mother. Here is where the story gets a bit strange. Firstly no angel ever fell from grace, not Samuel and none of the archangels either, rather there was a choice made. Before there was hell there was only one layer to etheric, which was paradise. Paradise is where the primal god and goddess made their home and formed their family; it is where death, Nyx, life and light were born as well as Samuel.

As Samuel grew he grasped his own potential, hence why he only took on the title of music and sound. There came a time within the realm of paradise, the abyss chose to move downward, as he had never heard of the world below, and had heard of it from Chronos in one of Chronos's rants. Chronos is the guardian of time. Thus the eternal guardian of Samuel, as Samuel on an element level is the element of time. Chronos wasn't created by a being, rather he was created by the realm itself to serve as a guardian.

Chronos was the first being to say 'As above, so below' and the Abyss did not grasp the below, thus he started pushing downwards, he reached an in-between space, expanded it, and then kept going down, he went until he eventually reached a cavern, a huge underground cavern filled with all the shadow beings. The abyss and Chaos have killed within the void before time was conceived, thus in the time before time.

Because at the time of the battles there was not yet a concept of death, all the beings which were killed didn't die, rather they just fell out of the void into a lower level of nothingness and started looking around for a new realm to live in, going by the concept of there must be something more.

They burrowed down into the nothingness and as they believed there was something more, a vast empty cavern, this is where they made their home and where they performed their hate and rage, which they had, within the void. As a reference a primal god has infinite potential, thus as they dream, they can create. Chaos within his realm created existence planned out every detail for detail how it one day be in physical.

Abyss in his realm created every device and implement that the world would see for battle and war. Void in his own insecurity and fear manifested everyone of his worst nightmares, thus the shadow beings I speak of were all void's creatures out of his own fears.

Abyss came back up to the realm and told Chaos (god) what he had found, Samuel was the first who came to Chaos with a concept and idea, he wanted to create a place which would be the eternal in-between stop for the soul, basically to ensure that the family would never truly lose their way in the world, because Samuel is the element of time, he can see through all time. Thus from the start until the end, he saw the potential of souls becoming so entangled in ego and worldly gain that they lose their path, and lose their souls.
Thus he came to his father with an idea of a realm, and he wanted to make it within the cavern, which was currently occupied by the shadows.

And thus the planning for the war began.
Firstly, I must say there has never been a war between angels and demons; rather there was one Great War where Gods, Angels and Demons fought alongside each other to destroy the shadow below.
From the time that the plan was made, many new beings were created specifically for the war, bael, Asmodeus, Azazel, and Uphir to name a few.

The original concept of a daemon was a being, which was pushed out from the darkness. Anything pushed out of darkness in the right manner has its own consciousness. Chaos formed himself from darkness, thus the first daemons were being pushed out from him, and another two beings worth a mention are Leviathan and Behemoth. Both were also pushed out from Chaos, but back in the void war times, they both also were involved in this war.

The actual planning of the war took very long, understanding that the concept of time cannot be fully explained in a simple story, because I have to shorten everything, lest I end up writing a book. While the planning was happening, the Goddess and Chaos second child Gaia had become a woman and Samuel had taken each other as first husband and wife, together they had created their first Son Pyros, the god of fire, also known within hell as Belial to some.

As I mentioned many beings were created for war, more than I can list, mainly Daemons.
When the time came when Pyros and all the created beings were grown, trained and ready for what lay ahead, the siege began.

Everyone moved down the cavern below. Samuel sounded his war cry, which was like a visual light explosion of pure red light, which was launched into the cavern, and thus the war began. Quite a different story than what the bible paints, huh?

I am going to skip ahead a bit, as the war lasted a very long time, many beings from our side were hurt and killed, yet death at the time wasn't a fixed thing, thus they could be restored by having either the abyss or Chaos pull them out of their absolute nothingness they fell into when they died. Azazel died about 2 times, Asmodeus died 2 times, and Death himself died around four times, each time they were brought back and the fighting would continue. By the end of the war, there was only one or two casualties which could not be restored, one of them being Behemoth which had been hit by a curse and had basically started becoming possessed by one of the shadow beings; rather then turn on his own family and friends, he had killed himself, and for his sacrifice, he had a shrine erected within Samuels section of hell.

Once everything was formed, Chaos himself had been severely hurt, and because of his primal energy, none could really do anything to help. One of Bael's daughter's took him back to his realm above where the goddess and Gaia both were at a loss at what to do, In a moment of pure Chaos they released in sadness when Gaia's tears touched Chaos is the moment Calypso was formed.
The energy healed some of his wounds. Understand the moment of her creation; the entire realm of paradise in itself was changed. The oceans filled in, the rivers formed, thus for the first time there was a true concept of water, as Chaos walked into the ocean, all of his wounds were healed, as he let go, his dark flowed outward giving form to the consciousness which turned Calypso, hence where she got her form.

When Chaos returned to below, things had cleared up quite a bit after the war, thus all the bodies had been removed; many of the wild animals such as the tatorgami had either been tamed or chased to the outskirts where they would not bother anyone.

And thus began the actual forming of hell, first to be raised was Samuels castle, and the beings involved in this were the nine crown princes of hell, given their titles after the war for the service they gave, these nine princes are as follows-
The first was Azaphael, he had chosen to remain in hell with his best friend Samuel and gave up his title as the flaming sword in the time he took the name Beelzebub.
Next was Asmodeus, then Bael, then Pyros, then Chaos (within hell he is usually known as the Baphomet, the Baphomet's darkness is Chaoss primal darkness as seen through the fires of hell.
Next was wormwood, the son of Chaos and Gaia,) he was conceived quite a while after Pyrs had grown up and the love Gaia and Samuel felt for each other had hit one of it's numerous 'speedhumps'. Wormwood is also the god of wind, but when in hell he is just known as Wormwood.
Next was Xandiach, he is the first-born son of the Abyss, after that was Uphiir, and lastly Azazel.
Azazel being the only female entity to hold a title of prince of hell. Each of these beings also got their own section within hell, thus forming the nine sections of hell, with Samuels being the tenth which forms in the center.

After Samuels castle had been raised by himself and the nine princes, the actual forming of hell began.
Pyros was the first to start the fire, he sacrificed one of his fire elementals and it's fire will burn eternally, burn as the primal matter within itself is infinite. Each of the nine princes released their full light potential into the fires and thus the different fires were formed, each fire being attributed to one section and one being, but at this point, they were all mixed together turning the huge empty cavern into a realm of light within the darkness of nothingness. In time the different sections were formed, and the walls of hell were also created separately each. Once the walls had been made, each beings fire was formed into its own section, thus each beings fire is unique and looks different, once you are able to see hellfire you would understand what I mean. Each being's fire also ha a different intensity to it. That intensity is also what determines which soul gets sent to which section to be purged of Karma.

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