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One way your higher self speaks to you is through appearance. Whether you see a physical animal in the wild (or in an unlikely spot), come across an unexpected image of one, or meet one in a dream, consider this a message.

The following list shows signs nd omens that correspond to various animals:

Ant: work, diligence; biting predicts a quarrel.

Beetle: good fortune; the larger the beetle, the better your luck.

Butterfly: transformation, change for the better

Cat: Meeting a black cat brings improved fortune and freedom of troubles.

Cricket: domestic bliss

Crow: Wisdom, hidden knowledge, magick

Deer: swiftness, gentleness.

Dog: Something new on the horizon (unless it's a black dog, which predicts misfortune.)

Eagle: Examine a situation closely; keep your eyes open.

Fish: Abundance, fertility, the potential for miracles (note the specific type of fish and it's condition for more insight.)

Fox: beginnings that get of the wrong foot; a need for cleverness or craftiness.

Frog: Matters of love or health (the condition of the frog will tell you more)

Hare: be cautious.

Horse: good news, perhaps involving travel, is forthcoming.

Lamb: peace and harmony.

Lion: authority, courage, ferocity (when necessary to defend something you love)

Lizard: disappointment of lack of closure

Monkey: playfulness or flattery (not always good results)

Mouse: difficulties, often of other financial nature

Owl: wisdom, messages, and news; pay attention to your inner voice in reacting to these missives.

Pig: worries; insensitivity.

Snake: treachery and betrayal, or jealousy

Spider: fate's hand at work in something, creativity; you may be caught in a web of your own making.

Tiger: courage, competence, tenacity

Toad: death of this creature portends increased tension.

You might choose to keep a journal of your animal sightings (or include them in your Book of Shadows) and your impressions regarding them. Date the entries. Write what happens after the animal's appearance, to see if the future unfolded as foretold.


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Oct 03, 2019
I need a help by anyone of you who has cast revenge spells or death spells for my enemy as she's troubling me a lot

Dec 22, 2020
Why casting revenge spell when you can cast White magic spell? You can change her attitude rather than attack her Try that before going to engage in revenge death spells

Oct 31, 2019
What about in regards to a wolf?

Nov 26, 2019
What about a coyote?

Feb 14, 2020
lucky animal dear

Nov 26, 2019
Thanks for sharing this wonderful information blessed be!

Sep 11, 2020
What does a raven mean

Dec 22, 2020

Oct 05, 2020
what does an lion and a zebra mean?

Oct 06, 2020
What about snake

Dec 22, 2020
Connection to earth, health rebirth

Oct 07, 2020
Has anyone ever seen anything about moths?

Dec 22, 2020
It's a bit contradictory. It's viewed as sign of light liberty but also as bad luck and death in different cultures

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