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What I know

To become a vampire you have to be sired by one they turn you by draining you of blood usually from your neck, jugular vein. Mix their blood with yours and turn you to become werewolf you must be bitten by one on the full moon.These are the rules the first vampire Iknow of in folklore is Vlad the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula.Adark magician the order of the dragon who used the philosophers stone to become immortal and supposedly still lives as well as a pact with the dark ones.He became the first stricken with vampirism. The first werewolf was the founder of the cult of Lupercus. He supposedly killed a golden wolf at the winter solstice prized by Lupercus,The Wolf God. Asolar deity and was cursed to become it every full moon how to fight or identify them. Avampire is allergic to sunlight, abhors Christianity and is weak against its symbols the cross holy water priest etc. They are allergic to garlic as well they only come out at night to drink blood. You can kill them by decapitating, stakingthem in the heart, or exposing to sunlight. They are usually anemic looking and act like there possessed. Extreme strength, night vision, fear or hate of Christianity/werewolves, look like everyone else have heightened senses of hearing, smell, and taste. Theyhate silver, which they are allergic to that and wolfsbane. Truths in old times when someone was in a coma it was hard to tell wether they were dead or alive or had a pulse, so imagine someones surprise when their loved one came home from the grave it became customary to behead stake through the heart or burn the body to prevent coming back. Thentombstones were piled on the grave to hold them in. With vampism, there is a true allergy to sunlight and a blood disorder requiring blood transfusions and there are vampire bats. There are a lot of vampire cults as well even bars. If therereally are vampires is debatable all ways exist it wouldn't surprise me. Ifthey were real Iknow scientist can make a mouse grow an ear on its back they could gene splice you with a vampire bat to grow wings, fangs, wolf tail, horns etc. Ifyou had the money reality is stranger than fiction tv and folklore is based on reality seek and you will find that's all Iknow about it blessed be )O(

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