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These are my beliefs on candle magick.

The Goddess candles are green, white, or black.

Father God candles are red, blue, or yellow

You may shape the candle to look like them or write their name or symbols on it. To charge a candle, cleanse it to them in holy water at midday on Sunday for God. Let this dry in the sun for our mother. Charge this in salty or ocean water under the full moon at midnight the witching hour. Hold the candle and warm it with your hands and vital life force (personal power) in visioning your desire, and dedicate this to them. When you wish to talk to them for anything, light the candle at night for the Goddess, day for our lord and you can use this for spell work all purpose. Petitioning them so shall it be.

To dress a candle is to use the element's oil. Water up for going away from you spells, downwards to draw to you, or Earth from the mid up and mid down for both, like for like. Pass the candle three times through incense. Air the incense carries our prayers as does the smoke when the candle is extinguished especially to its target. The wax is Earth so are herbs you rub on the candle for your desire. The Fire is flame but also your energy you warm the candle with by charging it with your life force. You are the last element, spirit calling the four elements to work your desire working the spell.

Now the days and planetary correspondences are observed in the modern craft. These days which are also recommended, you don't have to work with mercury on Wednesday but use what ever deity you wish to especially if it is the lord. So on a Saturday you can call upon Terminus/Saturn or you can call upon Jehovah, Dis, Satan, or Dianus or all of them. Make an offering, etc. If the candle extinguishes itself you were denied it grows big or blue in their presence.

Candles can be used to represent a person place or thing, even a situation or action or time your desire. A heart shape for love on a Friday or use links of the individual, shape the candle as them. Put their hair, nails, perfume, or clothes on it. Treat it like you want them to treat you or wish to happen to you something to happen to them such as burying it in a grave yard for death, sticking pins in it, or kissing it for them to kiss, you tape its mouth, stick it in the freezer etc. Like for like.

Monday: White things. Anything feminine or involving the psyche, and dreams magick. All purpose.

Tuesday: Red things, pain, strange will, overpowering vengeance. Male virility, authority, defense, protection, violence, bullies.

Wednesday: Blue things. Healing, communication, travel teachers, flight.

Thursday: Purple/grey things. Weather, law, vengeance, justice, knowledge, buildings.

Friday: Green/pink things. Love, money, friendships, reunions, virginity, chastity, birth, women.

Saturday: Black/brown things. Bindings, death, fear, suppression, graveyards, vengeance, hexes, plants, gardens.

Sunday: Yellow/gold things. Law, sight, mental functions, the heat manifestation, protection, all purpose.

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