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Offerings are what we offer for aid from the powers that be.

An offering is anything offered as a gift in exchange for one. A traditional offering is a libation, called nectar -milk, honey, and wine (or juice). This is left for them. An offering can be any correspondences, Mars would like red masculine things, Venus feminine green things and so forth. So for the Goddess, on a full moon, a white flower, or crescent-shaped cookie can be offered. Food for the gods, we all like sweet things. Nothing can be gained less something's given in return.
-Blessed Be )O(

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Sep 13, 2019
Simple, brief [might need an edit] offerings are gifts for deities, spirits, ancestors, astral beings or whatever you work with. It can be a payment [thank you for getting me the job] or it could be a gift [saw this and thought of you] it also doesn't have to be food [lighting a candle or incense] and if it is food/drink you can ask the being how they wish to dispose of it, but typically it is returned to the earth [if you live in an apartment, you can have a plot of soil in a pot, or carry it down and leave it somewhere outside like a park or nearby tree]

Nov 10, 2019
Hecate is my patron goddess what should i leave for her?

Nov 11, 2019
google it. what's her colours, what does she rule over, what does she favour? these things can help you determine what to get her. you should also stay mindful and open to signs from her that she wants something. [there have been times i've been walking along, see something and either think ''my goddess would like this'' or a more foreward ''get me that'' will pop into my head]

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