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We all have our different beliefs on magick, these are mine.

There are originally four categories that all types of magick falls into: Natural magick, Personal magick, Spirit magick, Deity magick. I acknowledge these three: personal, natural, and deity.
Natural magick- The creators created all; their powers are in everything in many forms, and have always existed in nature. It's the power of those things in nature that can manifest your desires. A cure for every harm; it's the power of peppermint to cure a stomach ache or the power of the sun to energize us, but especially its vitamin D effect on us. Just as a cure exist for every harm, a harm exist for every cure. and a way exist for every desire. Seek and you will find.
Personal magick- We are all the powers that be, and just as it has always existed in nature, we have the power to shape and effect nature according to our will. We shape reality all the time. It is personal as well. Our powers are likened unto that which created us, and the reality which is all of nature. Like creates like, like attracts like. Our energy and thoughts shape reality according to our will. The more attention and energy you will into your thoughts and desires, the more real it becomes, manifesting as reality. Good manifests good as bad manifests bad. It is the gift as we call it that comes in many forms. It can be taught and learned through practice, patience, and persistence or given as a gift from the God or Goddess, or passed down through blood.
Deity magick- I lump spirit and deity as one. It was our ancestors we came to worship as deities and they are the powers that be, who control, influence, and guide all. They can allow or deny magick, they control our blood flow, gave everything a time and place, the zodiac, the cycles of nature, etc. They are nature and the spirits therein. Of course, not all of them are like this, most haunt or reincarnate even as flowers. All things are possible and always exist. The Creators hear our prayers and can be anywhere, hear us do anything. Well mother and father God can. Deity Magick implies they answer you, they are performing the magick for you, answering your prayers. It is them who are the watchers, benevolent or malevolent.
-Blessed Be

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