Dark magic and its powers.

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This will tell you about black and dark magic and don't message me for some reason my limit is reached

Black magic, is the art of darkness, evil, personal gain mostly, you can harm others, bend shadows to your will, raise the undead, and much much more. I am a expert no not a master the highest level besides high priest or priestess. I am a prize necromancer and a good user of destruction, and such as harm, hurt, pain, obsession, revenge, and curses. I recommend this if you are a lover of shadow, darkness, and hatred of people and one thing i have figured out about dark magic, and such, IT IS NOT RELATED TO SATANISM AT ALL, unless you make it of course such as summoning a demon from hell, and such, Vampirism I am an expert in I am a master spell creator and I know some personal and for blood sake I am one. I believe many people want to become one for so many good reasons they do not realize the bad ones as well such as: Sun damage it will burn, and if in sun for about more than 4 hours you will burn. Social suicide you become the social pariah in real life, your taste for blood scaring away all, I admit the good perks are well good and i only named 2 out of maybe 100 bad perks. If you are going to undertake in dark magic and such, I recommend changing your species though to improve the benefits and such. Black or dark magic is NOT a force to be reckoned with do not let the darkness corrupt your mind like I have mine. The darkness inside will increase each time you use black magic, and your want for power and strength will not stop......

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