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Love spells can be dangerous and have a long term impact on a person feelings

I have had several young people here on SoM that has asked me for love spells. Now Please understand this is my own opinion and not everyone believes the way I Do. It is up to eacn individual witch whether he/she will cast a love spell. I WILL NOT. Please continue reading as you may gain some insight as to why i will nat cast such spells. I have no problem in casting spell of attraction or spell top find out if someone really loves you.

My daughter cast a love spell on a guy she thought she was trully in love with. Sure thing went along find and dandy for awhile (5 years). Then he got into drugs ( 6 years younger than her ) and then everything fell apart. He won't stop the drugs or seek help and eventually he ended up in county jail. He was in there for almost a years. During that time she had gotten so disgusted trying to raise their daughter by herself that she had started seeing someone else. She never told him she wa seeing someone else (which she should have). When he got out he thought that they would get back together but they didn't. He has come to me crying his heart out that he still loves her and wants to be with her but she will not even give him the time of day. He recently tried to commit suicide because she won't take him back. He is till so madly in love with her that he will not even date anyone. He keeps on keeping on for her to take him back and she flat out refuses. This young man's life is ruined now just because she casted a love spell on him.

He called me the other day and told me that if she would not take him back that he would keep trying until he succeeds in ending his life. I hve tried to reverse the spell and so has she and nothing works. I told her today that i would give her one more week to find a way to reverse it or i would bind her powers forever

Now you know why i will not cast a love spell. I will not be responsible for someonr taking their life. Do you want to be responsible if someone takes their life because you casted a love spell for them???

When you cast a love spell for someone you are imposing their will on another persons free will. and in the end you can cause someone to get hurt very badly or even take their own life.

Right now all i can do is cast a spell of protection around this young man so he will not hurt himself or end his life. And what really is so sad about this is he is only 24 and feels like he has nothing to live for

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