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Various beginner and novice meditation techniques.



When you are only beginning Meditation you typically stick to 1 or 2 techniques. However, when you become a little more advanced, what you once thought was once a simple exercise can be reworked to become one of the most elaborate rituals. The following will show you some new and old ways to switch up your meditation.

Count Your Breath Meditation
A simple technique that focuses on the rhythm of your breath.


  1. Sit down and concentrate on your breathing. Don't try to control it, rather just breath automatically while paying attention to the air passing through your nose, into your lungs and then out through your mouth.
  2. After you get settled, start counting. As you breathe in think 1, as you breathe out think 2, as you breathe in think 3, and so on. If you find yourself thinking of something else besides your breathing, acknowledge it & return to your breathing.
  3. After you have mastered that move onto the sensations of your breathing. See if you can tell if your breathing becomes slower, quieter, faster, deeper, etc. If at any time you notice strange feelings such as muscle reactions, notice them & go back to your breathing.
  4. Once you get to 100 (or your desired #), slowly return to normal.



Object Meditation
A simple technique that focuses on an object.


1. Choose an object to use and put it at eye level so you can see it easily.Sit down & calm yourself. When you are calm, focus all your attention on the object. Breathe deeply and stare at the object while keeping your mind blank.


2. When you are ready, close your eyes and try to visualize the object in your mind for as long as you can without straining yourself. If the image disappears or you start thinking of other things, just try to visualize the object again.


3. When you feel you are done, slowly return to normal.



Visualization Meditation
A simple technique focusing on visualization.

  1. Sit down and direct your attention to your breathing. When you are calm, begin to visualize a place or a memory that is restful, peaceful, and calm. Visualize yourself interacting with that image and try to use your 5 senses. Make it feel as if you are actually there. Try to hold it in your mind for as long as possible.
  2. When you lose the image, slowly return back to normal.



Tree Of Life Meditation
A moderate technique focusing on using a tree to energize yourself.


  1. Sit down, calm yourself and clear your mind. Begin visualizing your feet as deep roots growing into the ground; your body becoming a tree trunk and your arms & head becoming branches.
  2. Feel the sun warm your branches, and your leaves absorbing the suns energy. Feel the energy moving down and into your body where it is stored.
  3. When you feel you have collected enough energy, visualize the roots becoming your legs; the trunk becoming your body and the branches becoming your arms & head.



Chakra Meditation

A moderate technique focusing on the Chakras.


  1. Sit down, calm yourself and clear your mind. When you are done, visualize yourself with turning water wheels in place of each of your chakras and a glowing white waterfall behind you.
  2. Visualize the water falling on your chakra water wheels and making them slowly begin turning faster and faster in a clockwise position. Continue until the light finally washes over your root chakra.
  3. When you feel satisfied, return to normal and continue with your day.



Other Mediation Ideas


  1. Normal meditation but by visualizing sitting under a waterfall of light that washes away negativity.
  2. Normal meditation while taking a warm bath with herbal water, candles, incense and music.
  3. Dancing while listening to your favorite music. Just by getting lost in the song you will be doing a form of meditation.
  4. Watching TV & eating will also get you into the same state of consciousness as meditation.

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