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about the magical properties of Artemisia

Sagebrush is used today only magicians who are not afraid of supernatural contacts.

Since ancient times, witches, nymphs, shamans, wormwood was used during various ceremonies and rituals, potions, amulets and talismans.

* Sagebrush drives away evil spirits

* Protects people from the evil eye, damage, fatalities

* Promotes fertility.

In the ancient priestess of the goddess of fertility and motherhood Isis wore garlands of Sagebrush, and its branches adorned the temple.

In many religions, fragrant smoke of smoldering sage used in conducting religious activities.

Sagebrush has long been revered as a plant-Ward. Evil is afraid of the bitter smell of sagebrush.

Sagebrush - one of the most powerful against the demons that affect the energy of the whole organism.

Sagebrush is often used as an incense.

It is absolutely safe method of its application - is hanging in the house (preferably in the bedroom or hallway) a small bunch of herbs.

The smell of sage is so distasteful to the water scum that she leaves the house, where there is just sagebrush.

anti-demon properties of Sagebrush growing in the waning moon.

There was even a special day when it was possible to collect sagebrush for this purpose. They did this in late August.

Collected at the time Artemisia was considered and the most healing. But the harvest for medicinal purposes it can be throughout the summer.

To protect the house:

Tub in which the added Sagebrush, clean from all evil

Burning sagebrush-drive out evil spirits, protect the house from evil spirits and elves. In China, for this purpose the plant is suspended above the door

- Burning or thrown into the pot Sagebrush will protect the house from storms and lightning

- To protect children are in the house

- Amulets from Sagebrush will protect lovers while traveling from all troubles and will contribute to the sustainable return of

For Health and Healing:

- To gain strength during long walks or jogs, apply the leaves of Sagebrush in the shoes

- A pillow, stuffed with sage, will have her sleeping on the prophetic dreams

- Sagebrush is useful to carry around, in which case you are not poisoned by poison, do not undergo the attack of wild animals, do not get sunstroke

- Mug wort are with you to protect against back pain and other diseases

- From the madness

- Wear it to bring passion, virility.

For the home of magic:

- A plant used in the predictions for the infusion of Sagebrush is prepared with honey and drink to the predictions

- Sagebrush is burned with sandalwood during the ritual of awakening psychic powers

- For the success of the leaves of Sagebrush placed around the magic mirror, or under it

- Japan's wizards used a beam of Sagebrush spirits for a spell of illness, it is believed that these spirits are afraid of mugwort smell.

- Sagebrush, the provisions of bed, help with astral projection

- Sagebrush oil is used for the consecration of crystal balls, prisms, mirrors, magic and other predictive tools, especially made of silver

- Sagebrush is a strong connection with the crystal ball and magic mirror, so mages use infusion of the plant for their ablutions. Cook is not a very strong infusion. Gently wipe the mirror clean cloth, making a circular rotational motion. Adherents of various religions - Christians, Buddhists, Hindus - can be sentenced with a daily mantra or prayer.

- Sagebrush attracted to the magic power glass moon and helps her to more fully realized.


However, it is worth remembering that the plant is far from harmless.

Uncontrolled taking high doses of drugs with Sagebrush can cause substantial harm to the body and cause cramps, vomiting, fainting, cause disorder of the nervous system.

Do not use drugs during pregnancy from Sagebrush and give them to young children.

For some people, wormwood is an allergen.

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