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The next time someone tells you magick isn't real and/or that science hasn't proven it, tell them something along these lines if you choose.

Science is made by the mind. Magick is made by the spirit. Science has the capability to prove the existence of magick, but, because the mind is of the body and magick is made by the spirit (not the body), Science has not realized its existence yet.

The reason that Pagans know that magick exists is because Pagans connect directly to their spirit in order to use it.

Every scientific discovery already existed. They simply realized it existed.

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Dec 13, 2019
To a degree, I like this explanation. Magic is an energy. It is a neutral force of nature that brings desired change. This change could be simply the change of seasons, it could be the change in technology, or it could be spell casting to change your situation. All these changes need to be rooted in the natural world. True, you cannot cast a spell to fly, but you can gain the inspiration to build a plane. Your mundane effort and natural ability to create makes this spell possible. Also, this is all based on the physical plane. Magic exists everywhere, and behaves differently depending on the plane of existence. So Magic on the astral will act differently than the physical.

Nov 28, 2020
I love this. Thank you. You have taught me a lot on this site by your comments. Thank you and blessed be

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