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This is just a basic lesson to explain your spirit guides and what those spirit guides represent and are for as well as how to meet them. Submittend by Shadowkilo

This is just a basic lesson to explain your spirit guides and what those spirit guides represent and are for as well as how to meet them.

The first spirit guide represents yourself. This guide may appear to you at other times, he/she may often be your primary guide overall. This is the guide that should be informing you of problems with your life in general and helping you through it.

The second spirit guide represents your emotions. This guide is to warn you away from negative emotions and guide you to happiness.

Your third spirit guide represents your body. This guide is to encourage you to take good care of your physical body; exercise, good hygiene, and healthy diet.

Your fourth spirit guide represents your mind. This guide will encourage you to think and to learn.

Your fifth spirit guide is your earth guide. This guide is to help keep you both grounded and sensible.

Your sixth spirit guide is your guide to the spirit world. This is the guide that may guide you through certain meditations or projections, he/she is also who you will most likely find when it's time to move on after this life is over.

Your seven spirit guide is your protector. This is the guide that will warn you away from danger and try to keep you safe.

These seven guides can be met in a meditation. You don't need to be in a deep meditation, just get comfortable and relax. Take five second inhales followed by five second exhales. Visualize a place that makes you calm and relaxed, like a field or forest, it could even be the school gym if that's what you like. Visualize yourself there in front of a wide circle, standing just outside it and looking inward. Continue to meditate, don't forget those five second breaths. Wait for the first guide to appear. When it does, ask him/her for a message. What and listen. When ready, step to the side(left/right, your choice) and wait for the second guide. When he/she appears ask for a message then step to the side again. Continue doing this until you have met all seven of your guides.

I suggest you keep a pen/pencil and a piece of paper as well as a solid object to place the paper on all nearby so that as soon you are done with the meditation you can write down everything that happened. If you can get comfortable near a computer or laptop, you could use a word document instead of writing utensils. This way you won't forget the guides nor the messages, those messages are to help you through this life in some way.

All the information may be considered private or public according to what you want.

To share my experience, here's what I found when I did the meditation.

My first guide was a silver dragon, my brother in a past life. My second guide was a wolf, my grandpa in a past life. My third guide was a panther, my sister in a past life. My fourth guide was a mantis, a close friend in several lives. My fifth guide was a wolf, my father in a past life. My sixth guide was a raven, another close friend of mine in several lives. My seventh guide appeared as a pillar of light with the outline of a draconic humanoid figure, my best friend and the commander of my army in my very first life. They are all both my family and friends in this life. Most of these guides I had met before doing this meditation, the only one that was new to me was the seventh guide.

The only message I received was from my third guide, the panther, and she told me that I need to work out more. I do good by practicing my martial arts and even better by teaching others, but I've set aside the rest of my normal workout routine to focus on that. So we agreed that a daily alternating routine would be good. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I'll stick to my normal routine, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I'll focus on martial arts. My fifth guide, my wolf father, told me to listen to the panther so that workout routine is one I'll be sticking to until I've joined the military at which point the military will be telling me when and where to do what exercises(at least until I'm out of boot camp).

And that's pretty much it. When I did this meditation we had a vanilla scented candle lit to help us relax and we did this meditation as a group with my mother-in-law walking us all through it, she's the one who taught this method to me.

Good luck and I hope this works for you too.

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