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About you feeling safe and how do you know if your angel is answering you.

Guardian Angel

Feeling safe can cover a lot of distance. It can range from feeling secure in your world, secure in your personal safety, if you live in a place that is full of violence and strife, to feeling secure that you can find your next meal, to a vague feeling of satisfaction with your circumstances. For most people, a feeling of safety lies somewhere in the middle.

As you begin to explore your own spirituality, the only real way you can feel safe is to adopt a belief that you are here for a reason, that you existed before you were born into this reality and that you will continue to exist after your body has died. A feeling of safety comes from a belief that you are loved unconditionally, by beings who are not caught up in your everyday reality in physicality.

To know that you have a Guardian Angel who is keeping watch over you can help you feel safe. This does not mean that when your soul has decided that it is time for you to experience an injury, disease or even death, that your Guardian Angel can protect you from these. But your Angel is someone who is with you at all times, is someone who walks beside you in your good times and your bad times, who can be invited to share with you, the pleasures and sorrows of your everyday life.

Your Guardian Angel loves you without question. Your Guardian Angel encourages you, gives you support.

There are other Angels who will be with you if you ask for them. You can ask an Angel to oversee your home. You can ask Angels to oversee your relationships. By believing that angels can be a part of your everyday life, that there is something higher that accompanies you at all times, can help you feel an enormous sense of safety, of security.

To know that you are loved, no matter what you say, know matter what you think, no matter what you feel, is a wonderful gift you can give to yourself. To imagine that you are not alone, to begin to believe it is true that you are not alone, can help you feel a sense of safety, comfort and security. It can also be the first step in learning that it is all right for you to love yourself with the same all encompassing love, no matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what you feel.

Love is what you are made of. Love is what has created the entire universe. And any steps you take to tap into that feeling of love, for yourself or for those around you, is a tapping into your true nature.

Here is a short exercise you can use as often as you want to tap into the feeling of security and safety that you get when you get closer to your true nature. Use this during times of forgetfulness, when you are unsure of yourself, when you feel a little bewildered or lost.

How can you tell if your Angel is Answering your Question

How can you tell if your Angel is answering your question?

One of the ways to identify your Angel's voice is by the way you feel when you hear it. Feelings of love, of greater self-importance, of inner peace, of being deeply cared for and recognized, are signs of angelic connection.

You may also have a physical reaction; chills, goose bumps, tingling at the back of the neck, unusually heightened clarity of vision, tears, which flow when the emotional heart suddenly opens, and a sweet or fragrant aroma that cannot be established. All these are indications of angelic vibrations.

Many of us are using computers these days, in homes as well as offices. You can use your computer to dialog with your Angel. Often, transmissions come through in a gush of words. This method eliminates any difficulty that you may experience when you are writing longhand.

If you use a computer to dialog with your Angel, make the surroundings suitably respectful. Clear your desk of all the normal clutter and paraphernalia, place a lighted candle, a crystal, or a fresh flower on it, and boot up. Use a new disk and keep it just for your Angel's messages.

Prior to conversing through your computer, do the following:

1. Sit quietly for a few moments, close your eyes, and feel the presence of your Angel. Breathe in all its love. Greet your Angel from your heart, and receive its greeting in return.

2. Let a question form into words in your mind. Place it in your heart. When you can feel the words in your heart, open your eyes, and type your question.

3. As in any conversation, you will have things to say in response to what your Angel just said. Beam these words into your heart as you type them.

4. Continue until you have come to the end of your conversation with your Angel. Then thank your Angel.


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