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Basic 4 Elemental Psionic Abilities introduced.

Basic 4 Elemental Psionic Abilities Introduced

1) Pyro = Fire   Kenisis = Control/Move

  • Pyrokensis is an all time famous psionic ability. Also very dangerous.Normally sub-elements are more powerful or ore dangerous than basic 4 but fire or pyrokenisis is definitely one of the most infamous for being unpredictable, difficult to master and all around dangerous.

2)Geo = Earth/Ground   Kenisis = Control/Move

  • Geokensis isn't an all too dangerous ability until one get every powerful and very skilled at it. The ability to control Earth. A weaker ability until again, one gets more skilled and higher up on the energy scales.

3)Hydro = Water  Kenisis = Control/Move

  • Hydrokenisis is an often more desired ability. It is to control water. This ability can be dangerous but normally isn't as long as one doesn't push themselves to breaking point of which the ability gets way out of hand. But this is very difficult to do because hydrokenisis isn't to straining on the body. It is also rather easy to learn but somewhat difficult to truly master.

4)Aero = Air/Wind  Kenisis = Control/Move

  • Aerokenisis last but not least, is actually a safer ability than the others of the 4 basic elements, it has less chance of going out of control. Aerokenisis is very hard and time consuming though, to learn and master mostly because of the very few ways of doing so. This one is the control over air and wind.

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