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Upon popular request I am writing this article on the Art of Transvocation. Original post: Venus666 Link:


Original post: Venus666

Hello all;

Upon popular request I am writing this article on the Art of Transvocation.

This means that the state of transvocation is like invocation, but the summoner retains thier consciousness, and it is like evocation because the presence can be felt and there is much communication between the entity and the participant - Transvocation is a state of being where the summoner retains consciousness and is able to make descisions without being influenced by the entity. I will try to explain its meaning and use, and the process of this state. The I will give an example of my latest transvocation, the summoning of Belial.

There are five states of summoning. The first is evocation, which is calling a spirit to appear in spiritual form (as in a triangle or circle) The second state is Invocation, which literally calls the demon within your body (some say it radiates outwards from within, but this is a matter of perspective) the third state is transvocation, which uses the personality and perspective of a demon to gain knowledge and insight. The fourth state is a state of dissasociation, where the summoner is able to remove thier conscoiusness from the states of summoning, and is able to seperate themselves allowing them to temporarily escape. The fifth and most important state is the state of the SELF often labeled the Ipseic, which describes the actual self, the inner being that one will realise while messing with these states. this is the "pure and perfect" state of self that a demon, angel or god can not touch, and it acts as a release of tension and a backup plan incase you feel youre being manipulated. Full, personal understanding of these states is only gained thru the practice of them.
Once you practice these states you will begin to see how reality itself is not static. You can manipulate your own reality by letting your mind dip into these realms. you may begin to feel "Lost" or even "meaningless" after messing with these states for a while. This is why dissassociation is so important to the summoner.
Being able to dissassociate from yourself will allow you to escape when a spirit tries to tempt you into doing something that you do not want to do. It also allows you to step back and actually see whats going on, to see the whole picture at once. You can not be afraid to enter these states of mind, because without a shift in consciousness nothing can happen. That is the key, allowing yourself to experience these shifts. When you learn how to dis-associate, you will also begin to learn about the Ipseic, the self. You will, thru disassociation be able to see the self as you ARE, and all it takes is this moment of realisation to let you enter this state at any time you need.

Transvocation can be called a direct method of summoning, because the only tool one needs to make it work, is the power of the mind. It is a mental state that you use to open the gateway of communication between you and a spirit, and the spirt realm. This state of being lies between evocaton and invocation, and it constantly wavers between these two consciousnesses. (it is the easiest state of summoning to enter)
While you are transvoking a demon you will have access to the demon's (spiritual) perspectives. The first few times you go thru this it will blow your mind. Heres an example: while transvoking Asmodeus, I had concentrated upon Lust,. when he began to appear in my life, i was pointed at situations where lust was the determining factor. The spirit literally peeled away layers around me and let me see into other peoples intentions. These intentions were, of corse, colored by lust. Suddenly, the meanings of situations became clear to me, with lust being the motivation behind people's actions. Then after it showed me the why's of lust it showed me HOW people are manipulated by it. Some info was also revealed as to the very nature of lust itself. It was enlightening to say the least. All the while I had verification that this actually was a demon, and also, I was able to ask it several questions which the answers were given to me in the form of a riddle..(ie theres no way I was just imagining it, this was an actual interaction, and it was awesome!!)

The use of transvocation can make direct communication possible for you, and there will be no need to draw protective circles or to use fancy evocations to "attempt" to contact a spirit. A sucessful transvocation can last for a few hours up to a few days, or even weeks- depending on how long you let the spirit stay with you. If you need to break away, you must begin by dissassociating and then entering the Ipseic. Without this, it will feel like there is no escape from thier "reality". Remember that reality itself is like water, it is not stable and it can be shaped by your will and desires..

Transvocation, this state(of being) begins by making a direct link to the demon.. it works well with godforms as well as independent demons/spirits/angels. Anything that has a sentience can be communicated with by this method. Simply by contacting the spirit the gateway is opened.
Concentrating on the essence of what they are and what they represent often is the best way. For instance, Belial is represented by greed- and while I was making the connection to him with my mind, I tried to consume myself with the energies of greed. In this way he was compelled to come to me upon the principality that like attracts like. If i had been summoning a being of lust I would have concentrated upon "lust" , the actual energies of this archetype. Doing it this way automatically places you in command. This is because you become the director and are a participant at the same time. The demon has no choice but to obey you. Each demon, god or being will have it's own unique way of interacting with you, and you can use this to verify if you are actually dealing with the demon that you want.
The communication between you and the demon is made thru psycic images, words that immediately come to your mind thru the subconscious and, occurence of events that (seem) miraculous. Do not doubt for one moment that a demon does not have its own agenda, because they do. They are only acting on thier natural intentions, whatever that be. They are creatures of divinity, and thus they work in divine ways and methods. ( the terminology here of "Divine beings" descibes a purely spiriutal force)..Thus as a divine being they will prod and cojole you to get you to invoke them, so that they can experience thier divinity thru your essence. (this is true for MOST beings) I trust no spirit, and as long as I dont give them permissions to take over my being they are still compelled to act on my behalf, simply because I AM and I WILL it to do so. I am of the firm belief that nothing can outlast the human will, not even that of a god.
Once you reach the state of transvocation, you may have to re enter it every few hours, if ift dosent just consume your mind.. Depends on how long you work with them. The more time you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Transvocation can be said to be the state of being that takes aspects of invocation and evocation, and uses it as one process.

Transvocation can also lend itself to the state of gnosis, and while maintaing your balence between consciousness you can share your "awareness" with that of a demon. Its uses are limitless once you realise the possibilities of opening yourself to other realms of awareness like this but, remember-- when you open yourself to these states of summoning you will literally be opening a pandoras box and youll see what I mean when you realise that NOTHING is like what you thought it was. You will feel like youre in a whole new world. Your not, you just learned to see it in a whole new way.

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