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A calendar.

Below are a list of dates and what they are associated with:

  • January: The Wolf's Moon
  • February 1st: Candlemas
  • February: Storm Moon
  • March 21st- Ostara
  • April- the Seed moon
  • May- Lovers Moon
  • June-The Honey Moon
  • June 21st-Litha
  • July- The Festive Moon
  • August1st- Lammas
  • August - The Poet's Moon
  • September -The Fire Moon
  • Sebtember 21st- Mabon
  • October -The Harvest Moon
  • October 31st Samhain
  • November - The Hunter's Moon
  • December - The Laughing Moon
  • December 21st - Yule
  • December 2nd Full moon - The Blue Moon

Friday The 13th Waxing Moon Means to uncover a Secret.Love Magick. To Honor Witches of the past. To attract good spirits

Friday the 13th Waning Moon means To conjure any past life memories you need. For protection. To keep enemies at bay. To find a Familiar.

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