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The reason that magic works

Magic works because everything is magic and Magic is everything. Let me explain and to explain we need to start at the beginning. In the beginning there was no-thing or the un-manifest. I will just call this entity the Big G or the All, you can call it anything you want Goddess, God, Allah, just remember any description we use is wrong. We can’t describe what is un-manifest it is unbound in all ways.

For some reason the Big G developed the will to bestow and if you wish to bestow, by necessity you will require something to receive. From this; all that is manifest both the physical and the spiritual came in to being. This is the pattern of all magic, as above so below.

The quote from the emerald tablet of Hermes goes. “That which is below is as that which is above and that which is above is as that which is below".To perform the miracles (magic) of the one thing. And as all things were from the One (the Big G), by means of the meditation of the One (the Big G), thus all things were born from the One (the Big G), by means of adaptation.

Now if you are thinking “hey what is this Alchemy 101”?  NO this is Magic 101 and you will find bits of the truth in many places, I’m just providing the foundation for where we will go from here and that is. First you perceive the magic in your mind then you project your intent through rituals or a spell into the above and if you did it right it will manifest in the below. Now we need to remember that in magic as in everything there are rules. 

First everything is possible but not everything is profitable. This brings us to the law of reciprocation, as you sow so shall you reap. What you send out you will receive back three fold. That’s why blessings are cool but curses not cool. So as for what spell or ritual is best. I would say the one that works for you is best if it works keep doing it if it doesn’t try something else. All the trappings are just to help you focus your intent. But above all Bless The Cat and remember we are all connected. What you do to that dork next door you are doing to yourself and everything else.

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