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This ritual is for advanced practitioners. If you are a begginer, do the basic one. If you are not familiar with the Kabbalah, this ritual won't make much sense.

Lunar Invocation  By Steve Savedow modified slightly with the Cicero's Version  My comments and edits are in Italics The Following is an invocation of the forces of Luna, which, when properly performed, greatly improves astral ability and illuminates you with the forces of illusion. This invocation should be performed once a month at the moment of the full moon. 1: Temple Preparation A: On the floor of the temple, prepare a white circle with two black border lines, and the God-names of the four quarters in black within the borders of their directions (YHVH in the east, ADNI in the south , AHIH in the west and AGLA in the north) These names you will recognize from the LBRP The circle should be at least six feet in diameter, but nine ft would be better as per the standard for most classical grimoires. This can be painted on a white sheet or drawn on concrete in black charcoal.  B: Paint a nine-pointed star in the circle this must be painted Indigo blue, and the tips of the star should just touch the circle as per the picture attached. C: Place one violet candle at the tip of each point. Violet tea lights are perfect and easily obtainable  D: Arrange the Alter in the center of the circle, with the front facing east. The Robe and tools associated with this ritual should be purified and consecrated no more than twelve hours prior to the ritual bathing. Good consecration rituals can be found in Regardies Golden Dawn or in Kraigs Modern Magic book  E: Arrange Four White candles on your Alter in each of the four Directs, north, south, east, and west. F: Next to each Candle should be the appropriate tool for each quarter. Disk in north, wand in south, Dagger in east, cup in the west. G: Place a vial of Abremelin oil this would be best, but pure virgin olive oil will suffice place this in the south. Natural Spring water in the West, Natural Rock Salt in the north, and the censor or Incense burner in the east. Use Jasmine Incense for this ritual. Preparation  A: Before doing this ritual it is suggested that you must have memorized the LBRP, LBRH and Middle Pillar, and have been practicing this everyday for several months.  B: Study pictures of or statues of Gabriel or meditate on the sigils of Luna.  C: The best time to perform this particular invocation is on the full moon; try to plan as close to the exact time of the full moon. This change can be easily looked up on the web. Try and complete the ritual at the moment of the full moon for maximum effectiveness.  D: After preparing the temple, wait until approximately thirty minutes before the designated time for the beginning of the ritual, Take a nice relaxing Bath using water that has been treated with hyssop as per the lesser key. Add a few drops of Jasmine oil to relax and clear your mind. Relax and unwind. During the bath speak the words of consecration ("Asperges me,AHIEH (Vibrate), Hys-soppo et mundabor. lavabis me et super niem dealbabor.") E: After the bathing, consecrate yourself with Abremelin Oil or Olive oil, use your right forefinger to make the sign of the rose cross over your heart, while speaking the words of consecration ("Accendat in nobis ADNI (vibrate) ignem sui amoris et flamman aeternae caratais.") F: Now clear your mind in meditation for a few minutes put on your robe and a Talisman or Lunar Amulet as per picture attached or by your own creation. You are now ready to move to the circle area and begin the Invocation. 3: Perform the LBRP 4: After the banishing, move to the west side of your alter facing the east. Then move deosil (clockwise) around the alter, to the south. Light the white candle there and moving deosil light the other three. Then return to the west side of the alter, facing east, always moving deosil. 5: Move deosil to the east side of the alter and light the incense. then move to the easternmost violet candle and light it, moving deosil light the other eight candles in the circle, and then move back to the west side of the alter facing east.  6: With the Butt of your dagger strike the alter once and state "I am (your name and grade if appropriate or if any.) 7: State the Oath: "Hear me and know that I am now going to invoke the spirit and power of LUNA, so I may obtain the vision of the machinery of the universe, learn of the forces of illusion, and to improve my abilities on the astral plane. I will not leave this circle until I succeed in this operation, because it is necessary for me to progress in my spiritual Attainment." Then Knock once again with the butt of the dagger after reciting the statement. 8: Now walk round the alter to your left and move to the easternmost part of the circle. Make a sharp right turn and circumbulate (Walk round the circle just inside the border for nine revolutions, making the sign of the enterer, in the east every time.) when performing this sign one could assume the God form of Horus. Stop after the ninth circumbulation and return (Deosil) to the west side of the alter facing east. 9: Pick up the wand in your right hand and the cup in your left. Hold them over your head and knock them together nine times time 3 so ( Knock nine times ,Pause -Knock Nine times Pause, - knock nine times pause). Then begin the conjurations. Conjuration  The circle is cast All visions beyond have vanished Every spirit and spectre  Has been properly banished. Gone are all me earthly thoughts and delusions. As I wait to experience, the forces of illusion. Luna I invoke thee! Descend and illuminate me. From the roots of yesod, my spirit will flower as I glimpse the reflections of divine power. Descend now Luna, in accordance with my will. I am an empty void that you can fill. Angels of Luna I Invoke Thee! Descend and illuminate me. Hear me as I call: Chashmodai Gabriel Phul! Come lift me up out of the terrestrial stew. Come forth to aid and guard me in this work of the art, and fulfil the desires that burn in my heart. Angels of Luna Descend and illuminate me Descend now Phul, I welcome your Embrace Show me what lies behind this mask, my false face. Alone in space I await the presence of your might. Descend now Gabriel Fill my circle with your light. Angels of Luna I Invoke Thee! Descend and Illuminate me. 10: Then with your wand, make the Invoking Hexagram of Luna overhead while vibrating ARARITA, then touch the center of the hexagram with the wand and vibrate Shadai EL Chai. And then, the forces of Luna shall fill your circle and completely envelope everything in the confines with Lunar energy. Bask in the power and absorb all the energy that flows toward you.  Closing the Temple. 11: When you are ready extinguish the violet candles Widershins (Counter Clockwise) and then still moving widdershins, return to the west side of the alter and face east.  B: Perform the LBRP C: Hold your dagger above your head and say " And now I say unto thee, depart in peace unto thine habitations and abodes-and may the blessings of the highest be upon thee in the name of (vibrate) ARARITA - SHADAI EL CHAI, and let there be peace between thee and me; and be thou very ready to come, whensoever thou art invoked and called, either by word, or by will or by this mighty conjuration of magick Art." D: Then with the butt of the Dagger , strike the top of the alter ten times, and say " I declare this temple duly closed" Then strike the alter once. After the closing, you should leave the circle area for at least one hour, presumably to document the event; you should then return perform the LBRP and LBRH then pack up and clean up.

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