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This will cover how one goes about the making of a staff.

  1. Obtain the wood that thou shalt use.
  2. There are several ways that thou canst go about acquiring the wood.
  3. The wood needs to be at least as tall as thee minimum (yet it may be taller).
  4. Absolute straightness is not required.
  5. Not any type of wood is best to use, thou needst look up the meanings of different woods.

Thou mayest find a stick on the ground to use or thou mayest cut a branch from a tree. If thou choosest the latter method, then it would be wise, though not mandated, that thou thankest the tree for its wood. Also, thou shouldst cut the stick using thy Magickal Knife, if at all possible.  If not, use a saw that thou hast consecrated and/or purified.

One other form that thou mayest use, though it be exceedingly rare to obtain, is to find an entire tree that hath no more growing life in it and is small in diameter, and pluck it out, including the stump.

When obtaining a staff, if thou art cutting it, then thou needst to cut during dawn or twilight.  Now, thou must also cut the stick at the right lunar phase (full moon for healing, new moon for destruction, if thou wantest to do both, then cut when the moon is 50% full). It must also, for best results, be done in midsummer.

2. Prepare the new staff

Shave the bark off of the wood using thy Magickal Knife (not thine Athame, unless thou be a practitioner of Kitchen Witchcraft).

Once thou hast finished, sand the wood down to where it be smooth.

3. Infuse the wood with thine own life energy.

Visualize thine energy coursing through the wood and bonding with it.

4. (Optional) Elementally charge thy new staff.

a. Create a Circle of Magick and summon the Elements into the circle. Ask them to charge the staff with their energies. Thank, and dismiss the Elements. Close the Circle.

b. (Advanced) Create an Orb of tempered glass that doth tightly fit about the tip of thy staff and fill it with the substance of thy desired element. For example: if thou wantest a staff of water, fill the orb with water. After thou hast done this, firmly place the front end of thy staff into the opening of the orb and tightly wrap it shut, use woolen string for the best effect.

5. (Optional) Carve symbols onto thy staff.

6. (Optional) Take a leather pouch filled with charged gemstones and attach it to thy staff.

7. (Optional) Hollow out a little bit of the forward end of thy staff and set a crystal point stone in it (glue and any other methods may be used).

8. (Recommended) Allow thy staff to come to full power by charging it with the moon.  Do this by allowing it to sit three days under the Full Moon (positive working staff), three days under the New Moon (negative working staff), or three days under Full and New Moons (neutral staff)  OR 60 hours under both Full and New Moons (neutral staff).

9. (Optional) Decorate thy staff.



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