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This is the Hidden Language in the Spiritual Underground!

  • Adra: A Sponsor or Mentor to a Spiritual Fledgling Nightkind
  • Awakening: The Process of a person's Spiritual Awakening as a Nightkind
  • The Black Vail: A non-binding but widely accepted as the ethical guidelines of the Nightkind
  • Imprinting: A Bond Between a Consort with a Nightkind
  • Blood or Energy Lust: An Overwhelming desire to feed off a Human Familiar
  • Chi: Life Force
  • Coming Out of the Coffin: The Process as revealing one as a Nightkind
  • Coven: A group of Witches
  • Clan: A Group of Nightkind
  • Dark Side: A Nightkinds, Night Life
  • Day Side: A Nightkinds Mundane Life
  • Human Familiar: A Nightkind's Donor
  • Elder: A Person who has been active within the community, for a lengthy period of time.
  • Fledgling: A recent awakened Nighkind
  • Gaja: Poser
  • Golden Circle: A Group of Nighkind which creates a Clan
  • Haven: A Place Nighkind meet
  • House: A Group of Nightkind, of the same Spiritual Species with the same beliefs, Rituals, tradition, etc
  • Mundane: Non-Nightkind
  • Incubus: A Male Nightkind which feeds on Sexual Energy
  • Succubus: A Female Nightkind which feeds on Sexual Energy
  • Kindred: A Fellow Nightkind
  • Kitra: One which is a Nightkind of the same species and a Donor
  • Mentor: An Experanced Nightkind who guides a Fledgling
  • Psy-Vampyre: A Nightkind which feeds directly on Life Energy
  • Sanguinarian Vampyre: An Nightkind which feeds on Life Energy from Blood
  • Twilight: Establishing an optimum balance between one's Day Side and Darkside Activities
  • Vamping Out: An extreme attack of hunger. It generally produces many physiological changes to the Nightkinds Mind
  • White Swan: A Person who Opposes the Nightkind Community.
  • Black Swan: A Person who supports the Nightkind Community

Thanks to: http://www.religioustolerance.org/vampire5.htm

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