Technique to Open the Third Eye *Ritual*

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A technique for opening the third eye by Britty_55.

Some people are born abel to see auras, others aren't. These colors representing bothe power anf emotion.

To begin with, sit in a meditation position. Now close your eyes and place your index and middle fingers of your dominant hand on your forehead in between your eyebrows. Open your eyes and blink a few times. Now close your eyes again(fingers still on forhead), and visualize an eye opening where your fingers are. Open your eyes(still visualizing your third eye), and start blinking again, but this time visualize your Third eye blinking with you. Do this untill you can actually feel your third eye blinking on your finger tips. Move your fingers and get in a normal position. Still visualize the eye open. Now when you look somewhere, you should be able to see these colors.

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