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This ritual is to help send a spirit on after its' death, and to help you cope with the loss. It can be done for people and animals.


  • White candle
  • Blue candle
  • Bread crumbs
  • Water
  • A quiet place where you will not be distrubed and can focus


Light the white candle and meditate on the happy times you had with the deceased. Then light the blue candle and say ''With this flame I send out my heart energy to help guide your spirit on to the next phase of being.'' Gently blow on the flame, but don't blow it out, and say ''I give to you the next breath of life.''

Sprinkle bread crumbs around the candle and say ''I give you food for your journey.'' Sprinkle the water around the candle and say ''I give you water for your journey.'' When that is done, concentrate on the spirit moving on to the next phase of being and say ''The end of one life leads to the beginning of the next. May the light of this candle guide and protect you till we meet again.''

Let the blue candle burn itself out. Thank the Mother for bringing the deceased into your life and thank the Crone for the lesson of death and the learning of the sending. Snuff out the white candle and ground and cleanse as usual.

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