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Some simple and easy charms to use.


Athame searching charm:

"Lord of light, brighten the path to my athame.Lead me to my sacred blade." Say this inside circle.

Inviting the elements:

"Air,element of East. South, element of fire. Water, element of West. Earth, element of North." Said before invoking, or blessings.

Divination Charm:

Note: only use if not doing a full spell, or over a divinatory tool.

"Open my vision, clear my sight, bring the answer into the light."

Blessing Charm:

"Lady of light,please bless this [name] .

Endow it with power and positive energy.Blessed be."

To open circle Charm:

"The circle is open, but unbroken.Merry meet,merry part,and merry meet again."

Appearence charm:

Stare into a mirror and chant 3 times:

"I am strong, I am handsome/beautiful,I am bright. All will look upon me in delight."

Healing Charm:

When ill, light a blue candle, and invoke a healing goddess( like Brigid) and ask her to charge a glass, or chalice of water, by saying this,

"I charge this water for healing. May it purge my body of illness, and restore me to new strength."

Friendship charm:

Imagine yourself in a pink light or aura. To attract friends in a work place say: "With conindence and grace, I win allies, to my case." To attract friends anywhere,say: "With confidence and grace, I attract friends to this new place."

Confidence charm:

Say these words in front of a mirror: "Give me Apollo's Charm, and Athena's insight, so my confidence will sway all within my sight"

Travel Charm:

Place a blessed travel stone(such as amber, or yellow jasper), in a pouch.Say this to the pouch:

"This pouch is my talisman.May it protect me on my journey.MAy it guide me on the safe path, and yet lead me to adventure.May it prevent delays,and yet allow me to linger when I wish. I ask of this with harm to none. So mote it be."


Note: These spells require a bit more supplies, and are stronger,more in depth.

Banishing Charm:

To lighten the effect of another person's spell, write this on a piece of parcment and destroy it by elements( fire, burying in earth, setting in a bowl of salt water,etc)

" [name] ,I bind you from bringing me harm,but I wish you to remain a positive force in my life.I ask this for the good of all. So mote it be."

Love Charm:

During a full moon, or a waxing moon, light a pink candle and place it ona flat surface near your bed. Look into a small mirror and say this:

"Goddess of the moon, lady of enchanted light, show the face of my beloved sight."

Place the mirror under your bed(not pillow), and estinguish the candle. You shall dream of the person you shall marry.

Debt charm:

Make a mental plan and goal to get out of debt and recieve prosperity. Once this plan is in motion, repeat this charm, each time you make a debt payment.

" Debt be gone. Worry be gone. True prosperity tomorrow will dawn"

The debt will gradually cease and prosperity, and peace shall fill you.

To overcome an enemy:

Annoint a red candle,in either mineral oil, dragon's blood or paprika( a mix of all makes the spell stronger). Say this :

"You want war and I want peace, Through the power of this candle, all your evil will now cease."

Quick herbal intro:

"May the wise ones of old, here me this hour as i call on the herbalist's inner power. By color and scent this herbal spell is began, as i will so mote it be,an it harm to none."


After meditation:

Use outside only.

" As i stand under the sunset sky, there is peace between you and I.I bless my body with the magick of the land and sea; Empowered by air and earth,so mote it be."

Simple closing charms:

"By the power of the shining power of the sun, so mote it be and let it harm none."

"By all the power of 3 times 3, As i will it, so mote it be."

"For the good of all, with ahrm to none, by [type of magick] , this spell is done."




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