The Rift to the Relm of Spirits

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There is a rift between our world and a Realm of Pure Spiritual Energy. This will tell you how to use it to your benefit.

This is how I met six elemental Dragons that loan me there power by use of the spells I have submitted. To get them to work you may have to garner their respect. They put me through hell, and I didn't post two of them because they told me specifically told me not to.

But that aside-

-To enter the rift you must fall into a deep meditation and let go of yourself. If done properly It should feel almost like astral projection. Then you should see a doorway.This doorway represents the barrier into the rift. Open the door.

-If successful you'll see hall full of doors that all look exactly alike with the exception of engraved pictures. I suggest you memorize the symbol on the world door. (the one to our realm) All of the doors go to different plains of existence. The normal astral plain (most commonly visited one) have a four point star on it. There are also plains for each element with corresponding symbols. I usually go through the door with the rising and setting suns with the full moon between them.

-That door leads to one of the three realms of raw spirit energy. It is where I met my spirit guide and the six dragons along with many other spirit beings.

-To return to our world just repeat the process and go back through the world door.


-DON'T DIE IN THE RIFT, not just for your safety but for our worlds safety.

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