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Message : 1. Begin facing East1 and stand, arms by your sides, head tilted slightly upwards, breathing slowly and regularly. Clear your mind of thoughts. Reach upwards with your right hand breathing in, and bring it down the centreline of your body whilst breathing out, visualising a beam of white light passing down through your body, from above your head to below your feet.

Next, turn your head to the left and point with your left hand, then turn to your right and stretch your right arm out, forming a Tau Cross.2

2 - breathe in, hold, and breathe out, visualising a ray of white light running across your body, from left to right. Then, whilst breathing in, bring your arms across your body and fold them across your chest. Breathe out, and visualise a cross of white light expanding outwards from your chest, along the two axes you have made. Feel yourself to be supercharged with energy, yet at the same time, calm and ready.

This completes the first stage of the Banishing, and is known in some magical systems as 'The Cross of Light'.

3. With your right hand, draw a Pentagram in the air before you. Begin at the apex and draw down to the left-hand point, then across to the right, across to the left, down to the lower right, and back up to the apex. Visualise the Pentagram glowing with energy. Then point your right hand into its centre and slowly intone the letters I-A-O3 - drawing out each letter and visualising the pentagram glowing brightly with more energy as you do so. Turn and repeat this for South, West, and North.

3. Facing East, raise your arms and say:

''About me flare five-pointed stars,

Above my head, the Infinite Stars

Within my breast there flames a Star

Every Man, and every woman is a Star

Behold, A Circle of Stars.''4

In this example, the first section of the Banishing focuses attention on your BodyMind, the second makes the space demarcation - marking out the four quarters, and the third is the 'union' with the infinite - 'as above, so below' if you will. After the third section, you are ready to begin your exercise, other ritual work, etc. If you were doing the Banishing as an exercise in itself, repeat the first section, and then after a pause - clap your hands together as a sign of ending the exercise. To close using this Banishing, do the rest of your work and then run through Sections 1 - 3 again.

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