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This spell was taken from The Craft and modified. It works to heal scars, cuts, and so forth

Items Needed:

Basic alter setup

Sage Wand

One candle to represent the person you are healing

One pink or red rose

Glass of water

The person you will be healing

Cast the circle and call the quarters in your usual way. Instead of invoking the Lord and Lady, call the Goddess/Spirit of healing. When you have done this, walk to the altar. Pick up the sage wand and light it. Pass it over the person widdershins three times saying:

?I banish all negativity from (insert persons name) in any time and space!?

Now pass the sage over the person deosil three times saying:

?I call forth the healing energies of the universe upon (Insert persons name)!?

Dip the sage in the water and lay it down on the altar. Now, walk to the person. Have them lay down. Take your hands, and rub the afflicted area (NOTE: Do NOT touch the afflicted area if it has pus or any form of bodily fluid. If there are fluids on the afflicted area, stop the ritual and get medical help if it is serious.) Envision a pink glow surrounding your hands. Feel the warmth of the healing energy in your hands. Envision the afflicted area as being totally healed and clean. Begin chanting:

?Goddess/Spirit of healing, let it begin,

Healing without, and healing within.

Healing his/her spirit, healing his/her skin,

Goddess/Spirit of healing, let it begin.?

Repeat this nine times. Feel the warmth of healing energy flow from your hands and onto the afflicted area. Envision the pink healing energy totally encompassing the afflicted area and healing it totally. Take your hands off the person, pick up the pink rose, and pass it over the persons entire body. The rose represents beauty and therefore seals the working. When you are finished, draw an equal armed cross over the area and say:

?By the free will of All and with harm to none,

This is my will so shall it be done.?

Give the rose to the person and tell them to take extremely good care of it, for it represents the beauty they will gain. As it wilts and eventually dies, the healing will complete itself.

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