The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

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This ritual should be done every night. Treat this ritual with full respect. After doing this you will see good changes in your life.

For this ritual you will need either a dagger, wand, or you can use your finger.

Do these things your dagger/wand/finger.

1.Touch your forehead and say (Ah-tah).

2.Touch your chest and say(Mahl-koot).

3.Touch your right shoulder and say (Vih-g'boo-rah).

4.Touch your left shoulder and say (Vih-g'doo-lah).

5.Point your dagger/wand/finer away from your chest and say


6.Fold your arms with your dagger/wand/finger upwards and say (Amen)

7.Trace a pentagram in the air and say (Yud-heh-vahv-heh).

8.turn to the right trace a pentagram in the air and say


9.trace a pentagram in the air turn to the right and say


10.Trace a penta gram in the air turn to the right and say


11.stretch your arms straight to the side and say (Before me Ra-fay-el behind me Gab-ray-el at my right hand Mih-chai-el at my left hand Ar-ree-el around me flames the pentagram withen me shies the six ray star". imagine angels satanding around you and a bright pentagram in the middle.

12.Reapeat steps 1-6 and then your done.

If you want to you can reapeat this multiple times to get better at this ritual!

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Apr 24, 2020
I would like to expand on this article and give some more details in how this ritual is done...including internal visualizations that are used...However, this is a complex topic, so I will do it in chunks. The Topics that will be covered are: The 4 fold breath and the Vibratory Formula, The sign of the Enterer and the sign of Silence, The Qabalistic Cross, and the Pentagram ritual itself. All these topics need to be covered to fully explain how this ritual is done.

Apr 24, 2020
The Four Fold Breath: The four fold breath is a technique used to create rhythm that other techniques can be set to. The idea is simple, you inhale for the count of 4, hold the breath for the count of 4, exhale for the count of 4, and then hold the lungs empty for the count of 4. The actual time for each isn't literally 4 seconds; the key is to make each step take the same amount of time. Traditionally people count to 4 because there are 4 steps. but you could count to 3 or 7 or whatever...Again, the key is that it is the same count for each step.

Apr 24, 2020
The Vibratory Formula: This is a technique used to draw energy in and then project it out. This technique is done to the beat of the 4 fold breath. You should be standing for this technique. On the inhale, you draw down white light from above your head to a spot on the ground between your feet. On the holding of the breathe, you formulate the light into a specific type of energy; giving it a color and a sound usually. On the exhale, you send the formulated light back up and out your hand, finger, mouth, tool, or a combination of these options. On the empty hold, you close off yourself to prevent the light from going back into you.

Apr 24, 2020
The Sign of the Enterer: This movement is used to project energy out from the self. It is the technique that you use during the exhale part of the vibratory formula. To do this movement, stand with your feet parallel about shoulders width apart. After having inhaled and held the breath, and formulated the light into what you need, you then raise your elbows upward and outward, parallel with your shoulders. Hold your hands flat beside your neck, palms downward, fingers extended, pointing forwards. Suddenly and forcefully, step forward with your left foot, thrust your hands directly forward, and lower your head between your arms, eyes forward. As you do so, exhale either silently or by intoning the sound or name you formulated the light into, visualize the Light rising back up through your body, and project it out through your fingertips, or mouth, or tool, or combination of these.

Apr 24, 2020
The Sign of Silence: This movement is used to block incoming energy, and to stop projected energy from returning. To perform the Sign of Silence, make a fist with your left hand and extend your left forefinger. Bring your left hand up to your mouth and touch the center of your lips with your left forefinger. When performed following in the Sign of the Enterer, bring your left foot back parallel with your shoulders and, in all cases, stamp once forcefully with your left foot. Visualize simultaneously that a watery vapor encircles and encloses you.

Apr 24, 2020
The Qabalistic Cross: This rite is actually steps 1-6 in the above article. But there is some more detail that should be given. This rite is basically drawing down light from above and making a cross like framework inside your body's energy system. This framework is then used for techniques like the vibratory formula and the sign of the enterer. Before step 1, you should close your eyes and imagine that you are growing larger and larger, soon the Earth should appear in the minds eye as a soccer ball size sphere that you are standing on. As you continue to grow, eventually entire galaxies are spinning around you. Then imagine that there is a ball of white light above all of that...above all of creation. Reach up with your hand or tool and pierce this ball of light and draw down a shaft of light to your head. You then do step 1 from the article. For step 2, you actually want to point at the ground between the feet instead of touching the chest. Some touch the groin at this step, but that is because your hand will stop at the groin if you point at the ground. When you do step 2, you should imagine a shaft of light coming down from the point in your head to the point on the ground. Likewise, in step 3 and 4, when you touch the shoulders, you are drawing light from this central column of light to the points on either shoulder. After these steps, you should see a cross of light over the self with points at the head, ground, and either shoulder; the intersection should be at the heartline. In step 5, you should actually sweep the arm doing the movements (that is currently at the left shoulder) in a 270 degree arc going counterclockwise (from left shoulder, down, then out to the right, then up). Do this while saying the Le Olam part. Then, either clasp the hands at the heartline or cross the arms like King Tut would and say Amen.

Apr 24, 2020
The Pentagram Ritual: This ritual actually has two versions. One is for banishing and the other is for invoking forces. While the banishing version is more popular online, the invoking one was actually the more important one back when the Golden Dawn created this ritual. Today, people tend to invoke in the morning and banish at night before bed. As an added bonus, many put a small altar in the center of the room and walk around it to each direction, while others simply stand in the center of the room and rotate in place to each direction. if you have an altar, stand west of the altar, facing east. Take magical tool in hand if you are using one. Dagger or Sword for banishing and a wand or elemental tool for invoking. Start with a Qabalistic Cross (steps 1-6), then go to the East (or face East if there is no altar). Trace a large pentagram in front of you. Now, if you are banishing, then you start in the bottom left point, then go to the top point, then continue in that direction to make the pentagram. However, if you are invoking, then you start at the top point and draw down to the bottom left point, and then continue in that direction to make the pentagram. Traditionally, this change in direction and starting point is key to programming if the pentagram will banish or invoke the force. Some use the vibratory formula to draw down light, formulate it into an electric blue color, and then send it up and out the hand/tool to draw the pentagram with the blue light. After the pentagram in the East is drawn, you then do the vibratory formula again, this time formulating it into the sound of the name being said. In the east, this name is YHVH (Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh). On the exhale of the vibratory formula, do the sign of the enterer, piercing your hands into the pentagram, and intone the name out your mouth and hands into the pentagram. The electric blue lines of the pentagram should flare into blue fire in your mind when you do this. On the last step of the vibratory formula (the empty lung hold), you then do the sign of silence (if banishing) to prevent the energy from returning. If you are invoking, then do not do the sign of silence, but instead put both arms out, making the body into the shape of a cross. You then go to the south while drawing a white light line in a 90 degree horizontal arc from the center of the first pentagram to the place where the second pentagram will be. Some use yet another vibratory formula to create this white line.

Apr 24, 2020
The Pentagram Ritual part 2: Now facing south, repeat the steps as before when you were in the east, changing only the name that is intoned. Then repeat these steps to put up a pentagram in the west and north. As the article says, the name used in the south is ADNI (Ah-Doh-Nye), the name in the west is AHIH (Eh-Heh-EE-Yeh) and the name in the north is AGLA (Ah-Gah-Lah). Once you have made all four pentagrams and drawn the white 90 degree arcs connecting them, complete the white line circle by drawing a last arc from the center of the northern pentagram to the center of the eastern one. We now move onto the invocation of the 4 Archangels. Facing East again, Stretch your arms out to either side making the body into the shape of a cross (technically called the sign of osiris slain) and say the following, ''Before me, Raphael (Rah-Fah-El), behind me Gabriel (Gab-Rye-El), at my right hand (Mee-Kah-El), at my left hand Auriel (Oh-Rye-El). For about me flame the pentagrams, and in the column shines the six rayed star.''.

Apr 24, 2020
The Pentagram Ritual part 3: Now, it is key that you visualize these beings standing in the directions you said they are in. This is another one of those hidden steps that gets overlooked often. In the East, Raphael; Picture this being in yellow robes with purple trim (Golden Dawn color code for Air). He is holding a Caduceus Wand (the wand Hermes holds, the one with two snakes twined around it with wings at the top.) In the South, Michael; Picture this being in red robes with green trim (color code for fire), He is holding a flaming sword. In the West, Gabriel; Picture this being in blue robes with orange trim (color code for water). He is holding a chalice with water pouring out of it endlessly. In the North, Auriel; Picture this being in black robes with white trim (color code for earth; although ultra traditionalists use a combination of citrine, olive, and russet, instead of white. I find white flashes better personally). Once you have invoked the 4 beings and projected their images to the directions (facing you regardless of whether you are banishing or invoking), you then finish the invocation by touching the forehead with finger/tool during the final words of the invocation ''...the six rayed star.'' You then repeat the Qabalistic Cross (steps 1-6.

Apr 24, 2020
Side note: the reason you don't do the sign of silence when invoking is because when you do the sign of the enterer, it sends energy out to the edges of the universe. This energy then bounces back to you in a reflux wave. If you are banishing, you don't want this energy to come back, so the sign of silence is used. However, if you are invoking, you want the invoked force to ride this reflux wave back to you. So you do not do the sign of silence. Well, that is about it. It's been fun. I know it was a lot to read, but you did it! Yey!

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