Consecration of the Atheme

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Things need for the Ritual:

The intended blade wrapped in a black cloth (symbolically still unmined metal)
Juice of pimpernell (in lieu of sacrifice) in a cup of water
A basin of water large enough to wash the blade with salt Solomon's Seal incense
A feather
A needle and candle to sterilize, to take a drop of own blood (optional)
Container of earth large enough to bury the blade Brazier, Hibachi, or a torch and fuel to temper the blade (preferably a flame)
Lodestone or magnet

Beginning in the center of the consecrated alter in the center of a sacred space (In the center of the Universe) three days before the new Moon

1. Take the intended blade out of the black cloth as if mining the metal. Wash the blade as if washing new metal from the Earth (optional brushing as well). Thank the Earth for the metal.

2. Carry the blade to the East and smudge with smoke of incense and the feather. Meditate upon the blade's purpose-extension of self with fine tuned intellectual process behind it's use, consciously driven. Anoint the blade with oils from the skin rubbing it from haft to point, visualizing it being formed into the shape it should be in idea or design.

3. Carry the blade to the South. Heat in the brazier and temper in the cup with juice of pimpernell three times. Meditating on the forging of the metal as per the design, thinking it made as ''mine'' (A drop of blood from one's own finger intensifies this concept at this time) then chant:

Blade of steel I conjure thee, To ban all things as named by me, And as my words, SO MOTE IT BE

Say it until it sticks

4. Carry the blade to the West. Bathe the blade lovingly in the basin of water and anoint with own bodily fluids such as a tear, or saliva. Meditate upon the emotional bond one chooses to build with the blade.

5. Carry to the North. Rub the blade gently from the point to haft with the magnet or lodestone chanting:

Blade of steel I conjure thee, To attract all things as named by me, And as my words, SO MOTE IT BE.

Say it until it sticks.

Ceremoniously bury the blade in the earth filled basin to rest as dead to be reborn seven days later. Speaking over the new grave something like (it is suggested it be one's own poem):

Thee of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth Made as mine, My will through thee, Mastering all Elements, My Servant

6. Seven days later recast the circle around the undisturbed blade in it's basin of earth. This would be a good time to have a name ready for the 'newborn' Athame.

7. Carry the Athame to each quarter. Introduce it to the Guardians by the name that has been chosen.

8. The name of the blade, one's own name, and/or words of power in secret symbols of one's own choice can now be embedded, painted, or engraved upon blade and handle as one chooses.

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