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A basic circle casting technique, which all spellcasters should peform before starting a spell ritual for protection

To aid visualization when creating a magic circle, most witches mark out a physical circle on the ground. Wherever you decide to form a circle, be it in the living room, bedroom or some other place, clear sufficient space to mark out a rough circle on the floor. You can do this using a length of cord laid on the ground in a roughly circular shape, or lightly draw a circle using chalk. If you don?t want to soil your nice living room carpet, use an old sheet and draw your circle on it, it can then be rolled up after you have finished and re-used on the next occasion. Personally I use a collection of stones and pebbles to outline a circle; these can easily be picked up again once the ritual is over. Other things to use might be flowers (ideal for spring or summer time rites), or pine needles (winter rites). Some people use salt, earth or crystals to outline their circles. Use objects that spark your imagination and that are in tune with the ritual you are performing.

Circles are usually nine feet in diameter but any size comfortable enough to work in is fine. Depending on your preference, the cardinal points can be marked by candles, Brown for North, Yellow for East, Red for South and Blue for West The working tools can also be assigned to the four points, particularly if you don?t use an altar. Place the pentacle, a bowl of salt or earth to the North representing the elements of Earth. The censer containing smoldering incense is placed in the East to represent the elements of Air (Fresh flowers or stick incense can also be used). To the South a burning red candle often represents the element of Fire (A lighted oil lamp or a piece of lava rock would also suffice here). A cup or bowl of water is placed in the West representing the elements of Water, the last of the four elements.

When your work is done thank the elements, god's, godesses, deity,s for there help rarther than just dismiss them. then close down the circle. you can either do this by saying "i wish this circle to be closed", or walking anti-clockwise saying the same

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