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This spell involves making a poppet. Most people associate poppet magick with Voodoo and perceive it as harmful. In most cases the poppets used in Wicca are used for positive effects such as healing, love, and happiness. There are various forms and types of this magick, and listed below are some tips on how to enhance your poppet spell. Poppet magick tends to have potent results and should be used with care. You will be creating this poppet to bring joy into a persons life perhaps your own!


Cloth scraps of natural fibers, at least 5 inches square (fat-quarters work well!)
Thread and needle
Stuffing or filling of some kind (I often use worn out nylons)
Marker or pen
Pink candle
A lock of hair or a photo of the person in question
Some cut and dried herbs (pick from the following list):
Angelica Root
Cayenne Pepper (or Ginger)
Red Clover
St. Johns Wort
Thistle Flower (or Yarrow Flower)

Making the poppet:

First draw a rough outline of a person (head, two arms, two legs, and torso) on the fabric and cut out. If your fabric is large enough, fold it in half before you sketch the figure, otherwise you will need to have two pieces made. Turn your poppet inside out and sew all the edges together, leaving a small space at the top to stuff the poppet.

Turn right back out and stuff the poppet with your combination of herbs, personal effects and stuffing. (If you have a photo of the person in question, do NOT stuff that inside.) One the poppet is full, whipstitch the top closed. (One of my tricks is to sew a piece of ribbon to the top as I do this, so I can use that to hang the poppet where it is needed.) If you are using a photo, tape or pin it to the face of your poppet. If you are not using a photo, take the marker and draw a mouth, two eyes and a nose and two ears.

The spellwork:

Firstly you will need to form a bond between the person and the doll. Use this simple naming ritual (from the Australian Witchcraft magazine):

Little one, I made you and now I give you life
I name you (persons name)
Her (His) body is your body
Her (His) breath is your breath
Her (His) passion is your passion
Her (His) blood is your blood
Though separate you were
Now you are one.

Light the pink candle and chant the following over your poppet:

I conjure to thee little toy,
That to you cometh joy.
Sadness, guilt and anger
No longer shall linger

Only joy, happiness and peace
Which over time will only increase
With harm to none
My will is done

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