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This is a spell for when you have really hit a brick wall with your parents and on-one can open their mouths without saying something nasty. You are totally hurt, they are fed up with you. Remember that in a situation like this neither you nor your parents are empowered - it???s likely you are all just playing out a game of pre-programmed reactions. The person who really has their personal power together is the one who stops behaving like a Terminator and turns back into a human being. This spell is a way for you to do this. However, it???s a fairly demanding three-part spell, that will require a strong commitment of time and focus - but it works! It???s also carried out over three phases of the moon: the waning moon, the waxing moon and the full moon. As you progress through the spell, you will notice things starting to improve, but the maximum positive impact will be felt around the full moon and onwards.

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