Working with Colour.

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Using colour in your meditations and magick.

Learning how to work with colour and their energy is possibly one of the most important foundation meditations that you can do, as working with colour aids in spells and rituals.
I strongly advise everyone in this coven to begin doing this right away if you already have not.

One thing that everyone should realize, is that when working with colour, I thought I was feeling a colour a wrong way, until Satan came to me and said, ''that there is no wrong or right way of feeling a colour, as each colour is individual to everyone. No two people are the same.'' Example: When working with the colour orange, some might get the taste of an actual orange itself or a banana, get my point? Working with colour can also eventually down the line lead to synthenesia. (the gift of being able to taste and smell colours and sounds)
Some of us are naturally born with this, others aren't. Personally my favourite colour to work with is white-gold.
I enjoy the feeling of it more so than the other colours, as it brings me intense feelings of bliss and satisfaction, but DO NOT, just always continue to work with the one colour, otherwise you'll never advance.

Again coming from another personal experience, when I work with the colours of the seven main chakras (there are over 250 in total in the human body), I always get the feeling of that particular emotion of the colour of the chakra I am working with.
For example; when I work with the colour red, I can get angry, lustful, determined, the basic survival instincts come to me. Though in saying this, as mentioned above, IT MAY NOT BE THE SAME FOR YOU!

I strongly advise, that if you are to do this, write how you feel with each colour and the experience you have had with that specific colour in your black book/book of shadows.
Work with the colours each day until you have eventually worked with all of them.

To work with the colours, visualize the colour outside of you, then eventually visualize drawing it inside of your body, and push it back out again if you feel uncomfortable in anyway whats so ever.

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