To use the moon to increase your spell effectiveness.

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This will help you throughout the phases of the moon cycle to harness its power and make your spells work better.


Chant this before your spell or ritual while focusing on the moon.

Oh, Maiden Moon, now hear my plea:

Hearken, hearken unto me!

As you grow, my spell enhance ---

And power its magic with Your dance.


-Chant this one on the full moon before you do a spell or ritual..don't forget to focus on the moon.-

-Abundant Mother, Moon so bright

Hear my plea upon this night.

Your fertile power lend this spell;

Make it potent, strong, and well. -


--Chant this one durng the wanning phase to help your spells and rituals --

--Oh Aging One of grace, now hear:

With your guidance, this spell steer.

Remove all blocks and hesitation,

And take it to its destination.--


--Chant tis during darkness of the moon.Remember that the dark phase of the moon is meant for rest and rejuvenation.--

--I call on You, Oh Crone so wise --

One who rules the darkest skies.

Come and be my treasured Guest,

And aid me on this magical quest.--


--When casting a spell you must consider what astrological sign the moon is in. Think about what planets are surrounding the moon at that time, and what energies these planets have. This list will help you when performing your Magic:--

--Moon in Aries~Personality, Beginnings, Matters of self.--

--Moon in Taurus~Possesions, Financial, Vehicles, Benefits, Matters of a personal nature.--

--Moon in Gemini~Communications, Studies, Writing, Street smarts, Relatives.--

--Moon in Cancer~End of life, Family, Home environment.--

--Moon in Leo~Love affairs, Hobbies, Pleasures, Entertainment, Sports, Your pets.--

--Moon in Virgo~Health, Clothing, Working environment, Service extended.--

--Moon in Libra~Marriage, Patnerships, Small animals, Legal matters.--

--Moon in Scorpio~Sex, Death, Transformation, Inheritance.--

--I lay here waiting for you, under the full moon. Swim with me in the waters

of Anwnn. Come to me and shine under the full moon. Let my touch cleanse you, when you drink from me let me fill you with Divine Light. You have called me down to you. I am the Moon. You, the child of ancient times. You the child of heavenly times, sing with me, dance with me. Won't you swim with me? Blessed Be to you my child times three,

May the Magic swirl around thee, three times three.

I am the Moon Goddess, time for you decide

who you will be........

Blessed Be. ----

This spell is from my ancestors. Thanks Grams Blessed Be. - Ryan-

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