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A Chaote works with results, he uses any system of magick or religion to gain results, there are very few actual elements which are unique to chaos magick, sigils and gnosis being two. When used in conjunction with religions you use it to break away BS paradigms till you reach true reality.
Khaos energy is a bit different than the average energy used in magick and psi, Khaos energy is the actual fabric of the universe, first element crated thus pretty much infinite, almost because it comes long before light or dark it can almost be considered pure negative energy, some people react badly to it, others not, harnessing and controlling it is something very few can do, mastering it leads to infinity, it also serves to remove blockages, whatever they may be, mental, spiritual, energy, astral it clears and removes.
Spare is considered the founder of chaos, Petter Carroll and Phile Hine also offered a lot, thus any reading of theirs is recommended, even though Spares work is a bit more high end. Everyone is a chaote to some degree whether they realize it or not, but that probably falls more into a eclectic path, chaotes specifically use and leave paradigms according to the situation, so where other people will regard the goddess Kali as their deity or god I regard her as a personal friend and guide.
I can go on for days about chaos and Khaos, so let me know if I need to keep frying your minds. 

Chaos magick has no dogma, no indoctrination. As soon as it has rules, it is not chaos.
The ability to change a belief on a whim is a tool to the chaos magickian.
It is the same kind of magick that everyone uses, for, in effect there is only one type of magick. Energy is energy, as you put it.
The chaos magickian walks a path studying many things, and holding on to what works best.
Many who practice a governed form of magick and "strike out" end up in chaos which makes it not a new practice even though the term is only a little more than 100 years old.
Mr. Austin Osman Spare gave this form of magick the name we use today, as well as brought to the forefront the ideas of free writing and free drawing.
He has several books published, among them, "A Book of Satyrs" and "Anathema of Zos".

Because Khaos is energy which comes before any and all other forms of energy it can almost be considered as a energy version of antimatter, it is energy which can be intense to the point where it destroys whatever it comes into contact with, the universe was created by a spark of Khaos at the right time with the right chemicals present, big energy make big kaboom savvy? 
Energy is energy, but each element within the universe has their own unique form of energy which all vary to some degree, that is also why not all forms of kinesis is the same, because one has to master the different element to understand how it works
To begin grasping or touching actual khaos energy i recommend you start delving into tantra, because the soul energy used in there will let you know what you are feeling, and trust me, you will know when working with pure Khaos energy, take a atom, focus onto it till you have that atom isolated within energy, make the tension grow till it is vibrating so rapidly yet it cannot release and then with your energy split it and cage the energy release from splitting that atom, that is using true Khaos to some of it's potential.
To better grasp what i mean with negative energy think of balance in the universe, a ying yang, there is a light side and a dark side, positive and negative,
without one there can't be the other, now Khaos comes from that Darkness when the universe was just void, empty of anything except some chemicals with the potential for life, once the first big bang happened order was created.
Khaos is the ancient universal element, Chaos is a modern term for something which relates to ancient Khaos if you can take it to it's higher levels.
Healer, if you can sense energy pretty well or feel it well let me know and i can let you feel Khaos, but once again, it isn't something everyone reacts to well.
Why would Chaos not be Chaos if rules were applied, all it would mean is there is balance, hence the term controlled chaos, ever look at a true warrior mid battle lost between blades but moving in his own reality without getting touches yet tearing his opponents apart, well that is a nice example of controlled chaos, after the battle he will return to his normal self, some favour the lighter side, others the darker, both are important, Khaos is just regarded negative if you think to it's polarity relation to Order.

Physical pain. You can experience anything from headaches, strange tingling (worse than pins and needles) on extremities, even burns. If I release Khaos from my inner core. I physically burn as if sitting in the sun for hours, I get blisters and scorch marks. Once even at the most I have ever released. I had to shut me down and reroute all the energy. Then let things start up again slowly (kinda like rebooting a computer) it was pretty intense but if they hadn't stepped in, I could have spontaneously combusted. (Don't worry. I don't do it often and I always have backup).
There are actually 3 types of energy a person can use a physical (inherited from parents)
soul (your own inner energy that is sustained within everyone)
and Khaos (universal fabric, you may have heard it called
manna, prana, ki (not chi but its opposite and equal in the universe) and creates physical change once understood).
As your energy grows and you let go of paradigms which bind you you gain realizations, within these realizations we get taught on a universal level by our higher selves how to control ourselves and the energy around and within us.
I unblocked the doors with meditation, taking risks, breaking away ego that brings, burning off karma, ego death, more or less the same on my side, by pushing your energy past it's normal limit raises it's bar, thus each time you push yourself beyond your current limit your limit is raised, now if you are always pushing and aiming at raising your limit excessively on a daily basis for the fun of it to enjoy life and help others the mental blocks and doors kinda just get bust.

Now a little about karma :
See, now karma is a tricky one, because even if a chaote says it isn't real doesn't mean it isn't there, by letting go of karma in the eyes of a true chaote it would mean taking good and evil as a duality and opposing them against eah other and resolving them into nothingness, thus ascending past both, how can karma effect you if you don't view it through normal human perception, as the soul grows the more understanding it receives about the greater scheme of things. a chaote who has gone past good and evil would live along the crede of of do what though will, because they will know good and evil is choice, and all actions have a reaction, cause and effect, like i said, karma is a tricky one, i know it is real, but only some will believe me, others will say i'm full of it, but once you remove karma and burn it of in this life instead of the afterlife you start seeing everything for what it truly is, you don't look outside the box, you don't have any box left.

If Khaos can be used to compress energy into various dimensions in time it may be possible to use the same concept to compress actual matter into 4th dimensional matter, now if you were to do this with a fuel type which burns slowly eg. paraffin, you would end up with something really power full as a fuel which burns cleaner and longer than conventional fossil fuels. Khaos energy is all around you, drop me a pm and I will teach you to feel for it, once you feel it you can use it, everyone contains some Khaos within, it is the spark of the soul, for some people it is just more than a outside element, as some are born with the element earth wind water or fire within, some, very few are born with true Khaos present within.
Even if you do not use khaos energy as your own it can be used to help everyone reach their true potential to some degree by unblocking blockages, but how many people are truly ready to let go of everything when their time comes to move forward into the unknown part of the soul and mind.


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Mar 03, 2024
Hello Khaote!Please,tell me more information that subiect,about Chaos Energy Power exercises,feelings,manipulation etc.....Thnx.....

Mar 04, 2024
Unfortunately the original writer is lost to time, which is why it is listed as 'unknown'.

The information in here is tricky, some good, some boastful, some humorous, some ridiculous. ... I almost imagine on purpose given the effort to explain chaos and all.

I am not sure if there are many who work with the ideas of chaos these days: My own learning is not very in-depth as I'm just starting to form some ideas on what it is. Perhaps if you have questions it would be more helpful for you to post them in the general forums? It would make it easier to be seen.

Mar 16, 2024
You might enjoy Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox [she's currently working on a sequel] she works Chaos Magick. While she doesn't go into a ton of detail on chaos magick specifically, she does touch on it. Rebel Witch is about building a magickal practice that works best for you. Chaos Magick is tricky [I personally don't use it because it confuses me] It still follows some rules as it's still confined by the laws of the physical plane, but it can call on energy and beings from other dimensions to work [it can also travel into the past to affect the future which really throws me head in a loop] Working with mythological beings is something chaos witches do [yes, Dragon Magick works with chaos, but I rarely use it] Egregores are also big in chaos magick as many chaos witches will call on pop culture icons for guidance/energy in their craft [Personally, if I'm struggling to get into a headspace for a spell, I'll think of a character in a show that best exemplifies my goal] One popular example of an egregore a chaos witch might worship is Chithulu. A lot of people know who he is, so a lot of people unknowingly feed energy into Chithulu with fanart/fanfic which has made a spirit a chaos witch could call on similar to a deity.

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