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An explanation of past lives and how to access them

Everyone has a past life, and I mean everyone including your average Atheist and Jewish person. 
Some souls are as old as 50,000 years and some are currently living their last lives on Earth before their body descends into the astral realm or Hell permanently.
It is easy enough to tell just how old a soul is by looking into the person’s eyes.
What is a past life?
Summed up in just a few words, a past life is what it states in its name, a life lived before this current one.
The physical body is a home for the soul, when the physical body can no longer function for it, we die, and the soul then transcends onto the astral where it awaits for a new home to go to.
This time period can vary depending if the soul has any work to do before they move on, such as comforting loved ones or helping solve a murder case by leaving clues as so commonly seen in films and read about, it is a very common thing to happen in real life and not just in the media or horror stories.

It is very advisable by Satan that you do your best to look into your past lives, as gaining this knowledge can help you to get to know yourself on a better level.
By this knowledge you can overcome irrational fears which often are from our past lives.
We can overcome other mental blocks, too.
Looking into past lives is actually fairly easy, you can access them through meditations and some may come to you through dreams.
At first you may not see anything so it is important to not get stressed out and remain calm and focused when nothing happens on your first attempt at accessing your past lives.

To see your past lives it is important that you get yourself into a trance like state.
If you do not know how to do this, feel yourself climbing down a ladder, and take a deep breath with each step downwards.
Concentrate on your inner body, and you should get a falling sensation.
When you reach this part, visualize a door in front of you.
Take note that this door will take you back through to your past lives, open this door and just go with whatever you see. Don’t think too much on it.
My personal experience with this was that although I only managed to see the door through the meditation, I found myself falling asleep not long after it.
The past life that I tried to access to gain more information came to me in a dream.
However in saying this, each person will experience past life regression differently.
If you are not comfortable in doing this yourself, you can always go to a professional hypnotist, but by doing this you are wasting money and not really putting anything you have into practice.
Remember that anyone can be psychic as we all have a pituitary gland (linked to the third eye chakra at the back of the fore head) and that is where all occult power comes from. How you use this, is entirely up to you, but mind altering substances such as alcohol and drugs will prevent you from being able to do any of this on the greater scheme of things.


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May 16, 2019
So you did see your past life ?

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