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subject: light body developing methods-2 stranded DNA helix human beings transmuting in to a 12 helix strand human beings with light body, and how to do it.

Introduction Changing a current two helix DNA person in to a 12 helix DNA person is a one to two year program, to be completed on a massive scale world wide. Because as you may know that, what a two helix DNA person conscious mind and body can't hold, so the two helix DNA person subconscious mind and body' can. If whatever the two helix person subconscious mind and body can't hold then their super conscious mind and body can and so forth. What ever your super conscious mind and body can't hold, your collective conscious can and so forth, but they don't have communion with one another in a conscious level of energy and experience all of the time, (half conscious ) due to the two helix DNA can't hold such information and resonate with that experience on a fully multidimensional conscious level all the time. This is what a two helix DNA person has to deal with every day. That is why we call the two helix DNA person half conscious, where sometimes it know everything and sometimes it doesn't. Just like sometimes you remember and sometimes don't. Or sometimes awake in spirit, and sometime asleep in spirits and so forth. For a 12 helix DNA person we don't experience that: what we experience is what ever the collective mind knows and 'experience' what the conscious mind knows and experiences. What ever the super conscious mind knows and experiences, the conscious mind know and experience also, and whatever the subconscious mind knows and experiences the conscious mind know also. Do you at least feel and an understanding of what I'm relaying to you here? The key to get to the 12 helix DNA body (light body type ) is that here it is you have to understand the important relationship of the thymus gland and the hyper thymus gland, as well as soma light body hormone to the light body development. As you know a two helix person cannot understand a lot of multidimensional energy of experience and information simultaneously on a continuous basis or all the time; so in order for a two helix DNA person to become a twelve helix DNA person or light body, as I stated before, you must understand the relation of the thymus and hyper thymus to the soma hormone and the light body developments methods. So here is 'key one': the thymus gland's location in side the body (in the upper chest, but below the throat known sometime also as the higher heart or soul seat) is between your fifth and four chakra in a 2 DNA helix human body structure. It produces a hormone and creates an advance immune system for the body and mind and as for the hyper thymus gland, its physical location is in the center of your brain. It has a relationship or is connected to the top part of the pineal gland and the bottom part of the pituitary gland . They produce hormone (soma, and soma is a divine hormone or light body hormone ) and that hormone (soma) has the power to transmutes the 2 helix DNA strands into the 12 helix DNA strands(The DNA activation process ). The hormone that is needed is call soma or light body hormone and in order to produce this light body hormone (soma for transmutation of the two helix DNA strand into a twelve helix DNA strands) you must meditate on this two point of focus, the thymus gland and the hyper thymus gland.

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