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Introduction for all you energy manipulators

To begin with you must first understand that Magick is the use of one's energy manipulated to cause effect. However with energy manipulation and Magick there is a sligt difference in the sense when you first start off learning and castings spells, your energy in which you put into spells is sent off blindly and you hope it triggers the right chain reaction of effects to make your desired spell work. This is not the same with energy manipulation, this is because when learning to control the flow of one's energy you realise that when casting spells you have more involvement meaning instead of energy going off blindly you can focus it more to your desired wishes.

Now that you hopefully understand the difference between people who say energy manipulation is pointless have trouble with casting spells.

Lesson 1

In order to manipulate one's energy then basic energy control is required meaning the ability to sense your energy and build it up in certain areas of your body. If your not sure how to do this no worries.

The art of sensing and building one's energy is basically listening for something you can hear further away getting louder, in the sense you focus on your energy travelling round your body and as you build it up it (this is done by visualizing your energy flowing through your body and building up in your chosen place for most its the hands as they are easy to focus on and direct from) becomes stronger and stronger till the point you can't build anymore up and you need to release it.

Ok now that you have the basic outline of sensing your energy and building it up we shall continue onto building up a large amount of your energy in one place

In order to do this you need to have a focused mind and good visualization. Once you feel you are focused enough to build up your energy then begin. What you have to do is visualize all your energy flowing through your body and with every breathe in it is being drawn into a single place of your choice and with every breathe out it is being directed into a place of your choice, Keep doing this till you feel as though you cannot build up anymore energy without it being released due to pressure. Once you have accomplished this then visualize your energy gently going back into your body. The reason i am telling you to do this is because your not really ready to manipulate your energy yet to the degree of producing psi balls, instead what i want you to do is let your built up energy get slowly released back into your system. You will find when you do this that you become more awake and feel healthier, this is because with all that built up energy going back through your system it is renewing old cells and giving you new energy and strength.

Lesson 2 to energy manipulation will shortly be on its way, till then if you ever have spare time research psionics as it plays a great part in energy manipulation

Blessed be Polki

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