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The tree of life

The Tree: 'Tis a hard thing to describe something, that for one is indescribable. This work is consider the beginning ascension upon the tree of life. The tree in its most basic formation, is an empty coloring picture, awaiting the adept to color it with their life. Each place within and upon the tree, represents levels, energies, intelligence's, situations, colors, sounds, images, thoughts, forces, places, experiences, etc... It would be folly for me to explain something as beautiful as the Tree, without completely turning it into something ugly. Even though it is not possible to explain, the best I can do is to share this work, which represents working within the kingdom, learning the formations of life, learning the rules; if there is any, with magical ceremony and many other things. It is the beginning in learning who we are, finding those cycles we have created, and learning how to overcome them. Malkuth is the first of the Ten formations, or vortexes upon the tree. As we enter upon the path, we are given a free key to say the least. That key is all the books written, and all those things that just happened to come are way, which introduce us to ourselves and to the understandings of higher philosophies. That key gives us enough knowledge to understand the soil from which the Trees' root structure receives its nourishment. Some would believe that Malkuth is the root structure of the Tree, yet in fact it is nothing but the potential seeds that drop from the other fruits of the tree. In the Beginning was the word- that should teach us a lot, for it is the word that we come to first learn of the Tree, and of the path; or at least, we come to learn of a tangible system, to which we can apply to our lives. So, it is the words, which we first attach ourselves to, in order to find stability as well as support in our individual works. The Tree is our sign post, which direct us in the right directions. It gives us warnings of what is to come, it tells us how to prepare ourselves, it is in other words, our comforting blanket. The more we learn about the Tree, the more we learn what we need to do. For although all our paths are different, and each of our Trees will bare different fruits, the sacrifices, and the things needed to be accomplished are the same.

The Tree is the Grand configuration of all the paths, created in such a way, that it enables a being from what ever tradition they might hail from, to still utilize it. It works from a physical perspective, to a emotional, mathematical, energetic, light, force, expansion, contraction, creative, destructive, and infinitely many other different forms of perspectives. In my next paper I will explain in more vivid detail, what my understandings are in regards to the Tree of life. As for now, the best thing I can do for you, is to give a short explanation of those things that I have had experienced, while directly under the influence of Malkuth.

Having no guidance in the beginning of my work, I had worked within the rays of Malkuth for three years. For what would normally have taken a year or so for me to accomplish, took me three. Thank creation, that it did. I first learn about the occult traditions in jail, by being introduced to Kundalini Yoga. Four months I worked upon rising my Kundalini, which by the way I had no real rising. Even so, what was happening, was that I was laying down the foundation from which, I would later gain strength to accomplish greater things. One year later, having strived for what I thought, was a pointless effort, started to pay off, as I was introduced to Patajali's Sutras. From there, I came upon some of Crowley's works, then the Golden Dawns, then the O.T.O.'s. From that I started to acquire learning's of the Kabbala, Hermetics, Alchemy, and then the Solomontic workings. Although, I learned of these things, I truly did not receive initiation into those things until another year past.

The way I was initiated, or introduced into the higher formations of my path, or in other words, the paths of the Tree of Life, was through watching, and becoming involved with a Goetic Magician. The details of what I went through do not matter so much, as to what was brought about by those experiences that I had.

I was constantly kept on my toes, just in order to keep from becoming a threat to this individual. I was accosted both physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychically. Always, was I in need to keep my mouth in check, my thoughts reined in, and my actions kept secret. My physical possessions were constantly looked through, my diaries were read, my magical tools were programmed for the others personal benefit. I had been cursed, I had spells put upon me, my energy was taken, my dreams attached and my very resolve challenged every step of the way. The pay off for sticking through these things, was that I was introduced into the Solomonic works, the Goetia, the Red Dragon, High Witchcraft, Sorcery and numerous other forms of magic. I learned what it would take for me to become an adept, as well as what could happen, if I were to stray from the light.

In the end of that year, I had experienced ten years worth of ritual workings, torn down some of my illusions, overcome my fears of death, learned what magic was truly about, started to work with the elements, deepened my understandings of the work and all its aspects, learn what formations of being I am to work with, was introduced to my Guardian Angel, learned psychic defense, as well as things unexplainable, and unbelievable.

Each of us, has a purpose, what that is, only the self can know. Sometimes, it takes having to go through many trials, in order that we might come to see our path, and in that, gaining strength to walk it. This is my path; hard, dry, scary, and most of all, lonely. I tell you these things, not so that you will repeat them, but that you might come to see what another has gone through. For just maybe, it might give you comfort, and guidance to do the right thing. May you be Blessed upon Your Own Path. By Suba

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