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An article that guides you through the process of charging your tools magically.

There are many ways to magically charge you tools and other magical items. However I will cover with you the one way I use and have proven time and time again to work.

Here are the things you need for the ceremony:

  • Alter
  • Material used for casting a circle
  • Anointing oils - of your choosing
  • A chalice - any except those made of gold
  • Water - purified or boiled first
  • Two white candles
  • One black candle
  • Five blue candles
  • A silver or copper chain

The ceremony

I personally do this outside but you can, however, do it indoors.

Start by opening your circle ( I personally used a pentagram ) with the materials of your choosing. Now place your alter in the center of the circle, facing east.

At each point of the pentagram, place the blue candles and light them up. The black candle should be placed on the altar, in the middle of the pentagram, and should be now lit as well. You should also place each white candle, on the sides of the black one, so the black one stays in the middle.

Now fill your chalice with the purified water and place it in front of the black candle, close to you. After that, sit in the circle and clear your mind. Draw on the energy around you that you seek to imbed into your tool.

Taking your anointing oil, place some on your index finger and begin rubbing it onto your magical item while reciting these words:

" I call upon the realm of the divine, to guide the firmament of the past, to release the powers of the deep and embrace as one into my keep. O' hear me, the Ancient Ones, turn your ears to which I seek, devout to me the powers of the nether, and charge my [ tool name ] as I speak. "

Repeat this six times as you visualize the task being performed. If you want your tool to work for healing purposes or any other, focus your mind in to it.

Once you have finished the reciting of the spell, pass the tool through the black candles flame, if your tool is made out of wood or easily damaged materials, do it quickly so it does not get damaged at all. After that, just dip your tool in to the chalice's water.

Once you have performed the ritual wrap the item loosely with the silver or copper chain and place it some where it will not be disturbed for approximately three days.

When the time is up, your tool is charged and ready.

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