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Description of the history of auras

The human body is composed of seven very distinct elements. The first three (Liquid, solid and gas) form our physical body. The fourth, is known as the Etheric body and it inter-penetrates our physical body and extends beyond it by about one inch.?

Next is our Astral body which extends beyond our etheric body by several inches. Beyond our astral body are the Mental and Spiritual bodies. It is said that because of their elasticity and the speed at which they function, it is impossible to define the physical limits of these elements.?

Everything has an aura, both animate and inanimate material, but auras are best detected in the human body. The main speculation being that humans have brain activity. But those who study auras are able to detect such in inanimate objects.?

The aura has also been referred to as ''odic force''. This is depicted in early Christian art from the 5th to the 16th centuries. I speak of the glow that was depicted around the heads of those who were thought to be very holy, which was referred to as their ''halo'' or ''gloria''.?

Another example was the ring of flames depicted around the heads of Moslem prophets. Another possible explanation for this?

phenomena is Psycholuminescence. (the control of photons and thus of light) This might explain tales of halos, auras, mysterious lights, and similar phenomena. We must also consider that the head-dresses of priest, kings and queens were used to symbolize auras.?

According to ancient Hindu medicine the aura can be revitalized by prana. (a vital force which exists throughout the universe)?

The colors show on the chart below have specific meaning and create a response in nature.?

Surrounding yourself with a particular color will tend to produce the specific psychological effect as designated in the chart.?

One thing is certain, color can be extremely useful in magick rituals.?

Black: Malice?

Dark gray: Depression?

Pale gray: Fear?

Brown: Materialism?

Muddy gray: Selfishness?

Dull rust: Selfishness?

Red: Energy?

Bright red: Anger and force?

Dirty red: Passion and sensuality?

Dull red: Selfish love?

Rose: Unselfish love?

Orange: Pride?

Orange cloud: Irritability?

Bright orange: Noble indignation?

Yellow: Intellect?

Yellow-green: Low intellect?

Earthly yellow: Selfish thought?

Lemon: High intellect?

Bright gold: Logical thinking?

Green: Empathy?

Gray-green: Deceit, jealously?

Emerald green: Sympathy or empathy?

Blue: Devotion?

Gray-blue: Fetishism?

Light blue: Noble spiritual devotion?

Dark blue: Religious feeling?

Violet: Spiritual (psychic & spiritual) faculty?

White: Purity/protection?

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