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Original Post:
by: chaotisch on Nov 07, 2019

Hello! I?ve been expanding my knowledge usage of Magick, practices, terminology and materials that I find useful to my own pathway(s) on my journey and to improve my own skills. I?ve recently been reading into runes and the history behind them (such as what people founded and researched on runes from the 17th century for now). I?m currently reading two books on Runes. I have one with me which is, ?Nightside of the Runes? by Karlsson. I don?t remember the titles of the other books I have on runes though (I?ll have them once I get back home). I?m definitely a newbie with runes and I thought this would be a good place to get advice with it.
If there?s any helpful books or tools or tips or people who make rune sets, then don?t hesitate to respond! I?m very interested in hearing what you have to say/offer!

-xo .//