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Original Post:
by: Menhar on Sep 20, 2015

Well - I don't know if this is the right forum but anyway - I'll try to explain here.

So I can clearly fortune tell but when I'm calm. The problem is that making myself so while telling the future when I really need to isn't that easy.

It's when I'm asking something that really matters for me and I got over-excited or little worried. This automatically affects the reading - and normally gives wrong results.

I'm able to get over this state but not so often I would like to. I'm sure I can fortune tell because the times I'm calm and I'm aware of it - the fortune always happens.

So any ideas how to calm myself when asking something that really matters for me?

I've tried meditation and stuff but without any big results. I also once tried smoking tobacco and it worked - I get calmer and was able to retrieve the right signs but recently I haven't tried it again so I can't be sure if this will be the solution.

Thanks in advance.