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Original Post:
by: Lyraene on Feb 19, 2014

Hello SoM community ^-^ I have been inactive for awhile on this site, but decided it would be best to return. I've been reading up and practicing on Cartomancy, and wish to practice it on some willing lovely beings!

In case you don't know, Cartomancy is basically like tarot, but with a set of ordinary playing cards. I have a little guide in a witchcraft book to help me decipher sometimes. I don't have a tarot deck at the moment, so I am using this as a substitute.

Note: I am a beginner, like many other people! Be wary of mistakes. But without further ado...

Send me your first name, Date of Birth and a type of reading you would like to have through mail. (Celtic cross, past/present/future, etc.)
It would also be helpful to state what KIND of reading; whether it be love, luck, wealth, general, I don't mind.
Also, if your profile picture is a picture of you, or you have one in your pictures, that would be useful to better connect with you. But it is optional and not needed.

I'm sorry, I talk/write too much.
I know how much you guys love getting your fortune told; so I might as well help you out.

I'll answer them all (hopefully) by Sunday, so start sending me some mail. ^-^